Australian Survivor 2018: All Our Favourite Moments

From bellyflops to idol poops, this season of 'Australian Survivor' has delivered gasps and twists, laughs and jaw drops in droves.

With the new season of 'Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders' just around the corner, we thought we'd take a hot second to look back on some of the biggest moments our competitors delivered last year.

In no particular order, here we go:

Monika's belly flops

Painful! At least no one can say she didn't try.

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Sam psyching Benji out

One of Sam's many incredible strategies, tbh.

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When Robbie finally won against Mat

It was a long time coming, and Lydia's gentle encouragement to find his happy place seemed to push Robbie to finally beat Mat in a challenge.

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Jenna's last tribal council, on crutches

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Benji's midnight idol run

Only Benji would go on an idol hunt in the middle of the night.

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Monika's blindside

It was the twist NO ONE saw coming, and one of the most lit tribal councils of the season, as the "Shh Alliance" of Sharn, Shane and Shonee predicted correctly that Brian had an idol up his sleeve and managed to flush it, blindsiding Monika in the process.

Pretty much every #Shonella scene

Our Romy and Michele, our Patty and Selma, Shonee and Fenella are the definition of #friendshipgoals, and we stan forever.

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Shonee hating life at the Champions' camp

A monologue for the history books.

Heath using his idol to send Anita to Exile Beach

Oh, y'all wanted a TWIST?!

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Sharn's idol poop

The "idol poop" that had social media screaming.

Benji talking Sharn out of playing her idol for Mat

Another wild tribal council, and one of the boldest moves of the entire season.

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The underwater challenge

We were holding our breath in our lounge rooms for this one.

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Benji, Mat and Russell all leaving with idols

"I heard you're supposed to play these things?" - Benji, upon being eliminated.

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Moana's elimination

After wanting to send herself home, Sharn convinced Moana to let the Champions go to a vote.  In an act of compassion, the tribe still voted her out, but they flushed Shane's idol in the process, and Moana was stoked at the result.

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And of course, Benji eating nachos