MTV Is Launching An Aussie Version Of Cribs Starting With Kyle Sandilands

They're the words you want to hear when you enter heaven's gates: "G'day MTV, welcome to me crib."

Well, it looks like we're in luck because MTV is re-launching the iconic show that brought us such incredible moments as celebrities showing us their flat-screen TVs in their bedrooms or, who could forget, celebrities showing us their flat-screen TVs in their kitchens.

On Friday, MTV Australia announced they'd be rebooting the iconic series with a local version, kicking things off with a tour around the mansion home of "King" Kyle Sandilands and Imogen Anthony.

So we're sure it'll be like a hella tasteful affair.

A first look at the series will kick off on October 17, and you'll be treated to an amazing tour of Kyle's "Hollywood-style" Mosman property.

MTV Is Launching An Aussie Version Of Cribs With Kyle Sandilands Up First
The series will launch with a tour around Kyle and Imogen's Mosmon mansion. Image: MTV/Supplied.

Also -- and please if you take anything away from this announcement let it be this -- Kyle apparently has a "vast weaponry collection stashed in the garage". So that sounds totally cool and normal and thanks to MTV we'll get to see Kyle floppin' his weapon around.

The news of the localised reboot comes after MTV has been rebooting several of their iconic shows including TRL next year, a Jersey Shore reunion and the recently announced reboot of The Hills.

"The response to the revivals of MTV’s iconic properties has been incredibly positive," said Vice President and head of MTV Asia Pacific Simon Bates, adding "an Australian version of MTV CRIBS felt like the perfect format to revitalise next."

In the past, the U.S. version of Cribs featured the homes of folks like Snoop Dogg, Richard Branson, Ozzy Osbourne, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Probably the most famous episode in the show's history was the hour-long special for Mariah Carey's New York penthouse.

The best part is when she discusses having to change the sleeping patterns of her fish so they synced up with her schedule. Truly, iconic.

Can't wait for the Aussie version to feature the likes of... well... uhhh...

Look, we can't think of a single celeb whose house we'd actually want to see the inside of but MTV will be releasing the special Sandilands ep before later announcing a series premiere date and which other celebrity homes will be featured throughout the season.

MTV Cribs Australia will launch its exclusive first look on October 17 at 10.30pm.

Featured image: MTV/Supplied.