The Bachelor 2018: Brittany And Sophie Tell All

Spoilers ahead, duh.

It was the twist of Australian Bachelor history when Nick Cummins said goodbye to BOTH Brittany and Sophie in tonight's epic finale.

"You have to wonder why -- with all these beautiful women that he has -- how he didn’t find what he was looking for," Brittany mused, joking: "I guess he was looking for a unicorn! I don’t know, there wasn’t one on there! It’s hard to understand."

Reflecting on their journey, both Brittany and Sophie said that it's been hard to deal with, not only because of the heartbreak, but also from the pain of having to relive it week by week as it's unfolded in front of the nation.

"I’m not one for keeping secrets, I say things as they are, and explaining my journey to people without the ending has been really, really difficult, and it’ll be nothing short of a weight off my shoulders when people finally watch it," Sophie told ten daily.

For Brittany, there's been the added pressure of being at the centre of the media's rumour mill, with many outlets wrongly naming her the winner.

"It’s been really hard, for me, to be honest," Britt said. "I think because there was so much speculation from the beginning -- there were so many articles saying I won -- the general public thought I was in this happy relationship, so I’ve just sort of had to roll with that for the sake of the show and keeping the ending.

Obviously that was really, really hard for me -- to act happy when I was broken inside. But you do what you have to do and you get to this really good point where you’ve sort of moved on and then the show starts and you relive it all again, so yeah, it’s pretty horrible, actually. You sort of feel these moments where you miss him, where you’re confused, where you don’t understand what happened, but I think we’re both in a really good place right now and for the next chapter."

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Although both girls felt like they'd wasted a lot of time, and are still wondering why no one was chosen, they've had some time to process it all in the past months, and have moved beyond the anger they once felt toward him.

"I think we’ve really come to terms that it was Nick’s decision at the end of the day, and we need to respect that he didn’t feel enough for either of us -- or for anyone," Sophie said. "I think it came down to the environment, but yeah, it’s something that we’ll never quite understand."

Britt echoed the sentiment. "I just have respect for his decision and the best thing for me is to understand it and accept it and move on, because nothing good will come of holding onto that negativity," she said. "I just don’t know what else to do from here."

Another thing they believe to have been Nick's decision was Brooke not being a part of the final two, despite her making the decision to leave during last night's episode.

"It’s really unfortunate, there were two moments that were crucial to showing the real story," Sophie shared, revealing that Nick told both of them they would have been the final two even if Brooke hadn't left.

"Nick told me, and Nick told Brittany, that we were not there by default," Sophie stressed. "This is the way he wanted it to be. He looked into our eyes and could’ve sworn black and blue, this is how he wanted it. And you know, along the journey, Nick didn’t always play by the rules, he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do, he’s a very strong man.

If he wanted Brooke there, he would’ve opened up to her when she asked for it, and he chose not to. He still chose to take both of us to the finale, so they were all Nick’s decisions, at the end of the day. Not for a second, to be honest with you, do we question whether it was because Brooke left."

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Of course, the entire situation has been eased somewhat by the fact that the BFFs have been able to go through it together, knowing exactly how the other is feeling.

Britt said that as soon as the shock of not being the one Nick chose wore off, she realised he'd not chosen Sophie, either.

"All I'd heard was ‘it wasn’t you’ and I just thought ‘get outta here’ and it wasn’t until I was in the car that I thought ‘oh my God, did he say it wasn’t Sophie either?’ and I just had this moment -- I didn’t even think about Nick anymore, there was nothing else to think about," Brittany said. "I just couldn’t believe that Sophie was left in a room somewhere by herself, and I knew how upset she would be, and thinking that it was me, I just couldn’t -- it just made me feel sick and all I wanted to do was to get to her, and to tell her, and to laugh with her and to cry with her and -- there was nothing else in my mind at that moment. What you saw was so real and so raw."

Despite having read articles saying that they couldn't possibly be real friends, given the circumstances they met under, Britt and Sophie assured us that their love is real, and that they -- along with Cass -- had been "inseparable" and wanted one of their trio to be the winner.

"It’s hard to believe, but I would’ve been genuinely happy for [Sophie] if it wasn’t me," Britt said, adding that she "wanted there to be a love story".

"I would’ve walked away with a very, very heavy heart, but I would’ve been happy for them, because I think, we need to get to this point in life where women realise that it’s okay to support other women, even in the most controversial situations, because nothing good can come from bringing someone else down, and we were all about that all along. I hope people see that there are better things to come from women supporting each other," Britt added.

As for whether we'll be seeing them again anytime soon, don't hold your breath, as neither gal is too keen on doing Bachelor in Paradise.

"I'm just not sure if that's me," said Britt.

"The Bachelor was a big step for me personally, and I feel like Bachelor in Paradise is just on a whole other level that unfortunately I couldn’t put myself through," Sophie agreed, before adding: "Can we just put out a great idea that we should do a double Bachelorette next season?! An Australian first! We’re all for that!"

Speaking of The Bachelorette, it's back next Wednesday at 7:30pm, only on Ten and WIN Networks! Will Ali find her Mr Right? Only time will tell!