The Bachelor 2018: Brooke Reveals Why She Made The Shock Decision To Leave The Mansion

'Bachelor' frontrunner Brooke tonight made the decision to walk away from Nick, leaving everyone shook.

Sitting in the ten daily offices, Brooke was teary-eyed, having just finished watching the episode for the first time.

"I don’t remember it being that intense, I think it was the music!" she said with a laugh, wiping a tear away.

Composing herself, she told us that she'd "definitely thought about it" before making the decision to leave the mansion, and at the end of the day, it "was a pretty logical and realistic" choice for her.

Saying that it's easy to get "so wrapped up in the whole process of things", Brooke noted that in the isolated world of the Bachelor mansion, "you do sometimes forget to ask the actual questions" about what their life together would look like in the real world.

Despite perhaps being caught up in the moment of it at the time, Brooke said that watching the season back cemented that the connection between her and Nick was real.

"It definitely made me realise that we did have something really special and really strong, and it could’ve been something further, maybe on the outside world," she mused.

It was the hometown visit that brought Brooke back down to earth, after her family "asked the hard questions" about the reality of the pair sharing a future together.

Explaining that she "sometimes [gets] a bit intimidated or a bit shy with asking those questions", Brooke said she was grateful to have her family there --especially her BFF Tess -- because they're "the ones who know [her] the most".

"We have gone through so much together, and Tess has been a part of that as well, so you know, she’s seen that trauma firsthand," she shared. 

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Asked whether Nick could've said or done anything differently to convince her to stay, Brooke said that her "mind was already set" when they sat down to chat, and told him as much on the night.

"I don’t think they showed it, but I said ‘there’s nothing you can actually say that will persuade my decision, I’m pretty set that this is sort of like… our journey'," she shared.

Still, she added, "as much as it’s a show, and it’s production, and all that jazz, it’s still people with real feelings and you’re still opening your heart to that possibility".

After opening her heart on national TV and looking for love, Brooke wouldn't have done anything differently.

"I don’t really like to live in regret, I think you learn from every experience," she said, adding that the experience as a whole "was great".

"I loved everything, the stuff that we got to do, like all the group dates and everything, it was loads of fun," she said, adding: "Obviously, with Nick as well, I experienced so many great times with him, and it was sad to leave."

Looking to the future, Brooke revealed that she's "going back to study" next year, and is currently "weighing up social justice or law".

"Originally it was gonna be psychology but then I realised it was six years and I was like, nope!" she added, laughing.

As for whether she'd consider coming back to do Bachelor in Paradise or The Bachelorette in the future, Brooke said that it's all about timing.

"I’m at a time in my life where I’m ready to find someone and to be with someone. Would I go through that experience? I would have to consider that," she said. "Right now I think I need to be in the right headspace and right time for that."

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For now, Brooke hopes the people interested in following her story and her journey are ready for more of the same Brooke we got to know over the course of the season.

Noting that although her newfound social media following is "really great", she said that she now feels a "sort of pressure" to conform.

"I think people should expect exactly what they got, ‘coz that’s all I have," she said. "All my posts are related to fitness, sport, social work, community work, that is just who I am and that’s pretty much all people can really expect".

"People saw how competitive I am, how much of a softie I am, and also -" Brooke said, as Tim -- our publicist -- interjected.

"And you love a cheeseburger," he added, laughing.

Brooke cracked up.

"… and I do love hamburgers, and I do love coffee! That’s pretty much it," she finished.


Feature image: Ten