Fenella: "Maybe I Should've Looked For An Idol Instead Of Eating Paw Paw"

Shortly after being recognised as one half of Australian Survivor's most iconic power couple, Shonella, the duo was separated as Sharn played an immunity idol, sending Fenella home.

Hailed as the Romy and Michele of the game, #Shonella were quick to win fans over with their "slip through the cracks" approach to the game.

Fenella told ten daily that in hindsight, perhaps her time in her last episode would've been better served looking for an immunity idol, rather than eating paw paw with Shonee.

"That's a half million dollar paw paw, right there!" she exclaimed.

Noting that she "lowkey, actually highkey" wanted to be the Sole Survivor, Fenella said that while she "wasn't feeling emotional" when she was eliminated from the game, but she was "a bit emosh" watching it back.

Revealing that both her and Shonee "had a feeling that Brian was up to something" before last night's tribal council, Fenella theorised that Brian was "definitely looking out for Shane".

"He wants to sit next to her at the end," she said, adding that she was "so upset with him" for telling Shane and Sharn how the alliance was voting, believing it to be "detrimental to [her] game".

"Lo and behold, I went home!" she said.

Fenella said she'd had "a bad feeling" all day, even telling Shonee as they went into tribal council that she thought she'd be the one leaving.

Beginning with the immunity challenge that day, Fen said that she'd "lathered" herself in sunscreen, so once she found herself hanging upside down, she "just slipped right off!"

"Everything that I did that day was really unusual," she continued. "I left my Cons at camp and I never left anything. Just little things all day and then it turned out to be my day."

Suspecting that Sharn had an idol, the Shonella duo had debated flipping to vote for Shane, in order to ensure a split vote, but ended up following the plan, with Fenella noting that "it’s a gamble no matter which way you go".

"I got really close to Brian and then I didn’t wanna go against the grain because I'd started to form a relationship with him, and that was my undoing," she explained.

In fact, not getting close to too many people was part of Fenella's strategy, she revealed, noting that she "didn't wanna get too attached" to people.

Obviously, the social part of the Survivor game is very important, though, and Fenella found herself at a disadvantage early on in the game, not because she didn't want to get close to people, but because she didn't want to get burnt.

"I’m maybe the whitest girl to ever be on Survivor, and socially I couldn’t get any connections at the start because people were trying to sunbake and I was like, ‘no hat, no play, guys! Come in the shade!’" she exclaimed, adding with a laugh, "No one wanted to hang with me!"

Calling the social game "so much harder than you expect", Fenella added: "but then, I had Shonee, so I didn’t really need anyone else!"

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On the topic of Shonella, Fen said she'd seen "a post that compared us to Selma and Patty from The Simpsons and thought ‘I’ll take that!’"

Perhaps the most underestimated duo in the game, Fen said that they "definitely knew" they were a power couple and said she was "surprised that it took everybody so long to catch up".

"People were really underestimating anything we did and because we like to have a laugh around camp, I think we were able to slip through the cracks, very easily in the end," she said, adding that they'd actively tried to "downplay" their alliance and strength.

Reflecting, she said that it was nice when the camp "finally" realised they were a power couple, but quickly realised that it "could be [their] undoing".

"We were like ‘oh yeah! Look at us!’ and then I was like ‘ohhh, fuck, maybe I liked being a bit more lowkey’," she said.

Overall, Fenella had no regrets about her game -- aside from perhaps the paw paw -- and wouldn't have done anything differently, because all of her instincts about her competitors ended up being correct.

"I never wanted to trust Benj and Robbie, I never wanted to trust Sharn, they were never gonna look out for me," she said, adding: "I think if I started to weigh up my regrets, I’d be a very unhappy gal, so you just have to be thankful for what you did get out of it."

Telling us that the game had "exceeded anything [she] ever thought it would be", Fenella said that she'd learned a lot about pushing her limits physically and mentally, even after training "really, really hard" before going on the show.

One thing she only realised while watching the show back, however, was how expressive her face is.

"I did not know that I pull expressions!" she exclaimed, laughing. "I thought I was a very subtle human being! Nah, I pull faces alllllll the time and I had no idea! At all! It’s terrifying!!!"