Australian Survivor 2018: RIP Our Fave Power Couple

Spoilers inside.

We’re on the home stretch for Survivor: Champions V Contenders, and with just six Castaways left, the stakes are higher than ever!

After saying goodbye to Commando in last week’s ep, Brian has surprised us all in becoming the last dude left in the game -- proving that you don’t need to be the strongest physically (i.e. Robbie or Mat) or the smartest (Sam) in order to become one of our final Survivors.

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We enter this week with more papaya hunting with #Shonella, who remind us that they’re the last Contenders left in the game, which is actually pretty crazy when you think about it????

With their pal Steve gone, Sharn and Shane are now feeling the pressure of the game, which now sees their alliance in the minority with Brian having his "harem of women" (as Shane Gould describes them), on his side.

In a desperate attempt to save herself from the firing line, Sharn tries to convince our fave power couple -- Shonee and Fenella -- to blindside Brian, and Shonee’s like “as if I would work with them, they keep writing Fenella’s name down” and we love a bit of solidarity between our gals!!!

They also both are like, “Woo last Contenders!! Haha Zach!” and we’re living for the fact that they’re still throwing shade at Zach even though he left what feels like 146 months ago.

Who is he?

Anyway, the girls go straight to Grubby about Sharn’s plans to take him out, who then goes STRAIGHT to Sharn to confront her.

With her first plan a major fail, Sharn starts going on the hunt for an idol -- and SURPRISE!! She actually finds one!!

It's time for tonight's Immunity Challenge, which sees our players having to bear hug the axle of a giant wheel for as long as possible (kind of like a rotisserie chicken) until they eventually fall into a vat of mud.

Fenella tells Jono she should get an extra point for having her head near Brian's bum -- and tbh she probably should.

send help.

Whether or not being in close proximity to Brian's rear had something to do with is uncertain, but Fenella is the first to drop out of the challenge --followed by Sharn and Shane.

It's called a beauty regime, Google it.

They start (literally) dropping like flies until it's just Brian and Shonee left.

Brian's trying to get Shonee to drop out of the challenge by feigning concern for her wellbeing and saying things like, "I just don't want you to hurt yourself!" and soz mate, but we see you!!! 

It's soon too much for Shonee, who falls and leaves Brian to take out his third individual immunity.

Back at camp, King Grub declares to his alliance they'll be splitting the vote, with half going for Sharn and half going for Shane in case there's a hidden Immunity Idol among the mix.

Shane Gould -- our one true icon -- decides that if she wants Brian to turn on his alliance, she'll have to appeal to his ego -- as much as she doesn't want to have to resort to such unpalatable measures.

She starts complimenting on his newly-developed muscles and tells him he's really good at Immunity Challenges, and it works like a charm. Honestly, if Shane Gould wrote a book on life advice I would read most of it, probably.

What big *cough* muscles you have...

She also tells him she's "pleading her case" to him and asks if he could not "throw her under the bus" at tonight's Tribal, and he promises her it won't be her going home tonight.

Sly fox Shaneo THEN goes to Monika and tells her she wants Sharn gone (knowing Sharn is safe with an idol), and in a confessional, she says how she's totally revelling in the whole deceptive side of the game, and we're absolutely living for this sassy Shane.

Their plan seems to work, 'cos Brian changes the plan, telling his crew that they should do 3 votes Sharn, 1 vote for Shane -- which Shonee totally disagrees with, as she believes it's still possible Sharn has an idol (which she does).

It's time for Tribal Council, and within like five seconds Shane throws more sass at Brian by saying the Challenge must have been called "the sloth challenge" and that's why Brian won it and lol we <3 our shady queen.

Anyway, as always they head off to vote and Jonathan asks if anyone's' got an idol they want to play. Sharn whips hers out, and Brian's just like:

With votes against Sharn not counting, our next castaway to join the jury villa is... Fenella!

We almost shed a tear watching #Shonella bid farewell to one another, but we also were loving when Mat threw a sly "good work" to Sharn. Team Champs live on!

Commando also throws out a "sucked in Brian" and sorry but where was all this amazing sass when Steve was actually in the game?????

In tomorrow's episode of Survivor, it looks like Shonee is hellbent on getting revenge on King Grub for essentially getting her BFF voted out...

Better watch yourself, Brian!

See you all tomorrow!

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.