New Season Of Black Mirror To Feature Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Episode

If deciding what to watch wasn't hard enough, now it looks like Netflix are planning to make your next bingewatch more interactive. 

Soon the power will be in your hands, with the streaming giant testing out what a choose-your-own-adventure-style episode might look like, and it's not too far off.

Netflix looks to be testing the idea with the new season of Black Mirror, so whatever choices you make will no doubt turn out extremely bleak.

The Black Mirror episode is apparently just the beginning, with Bloomberg reporting that Netflix is developing a slate of specials across both TV episodes and movies that will give viewers the ability to make choices in the storyline.

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While the upcoming Black Mirror ep will be the first major move for the platform, it won't actually be the first time it's released interactive TV.

Back in June 2017, the company released Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, based on the Dreamworks character Puss in Boots who featured in the Shrek franchise.

Netflix testing choose-your-own-adventure
An example of story-mapping based on 'Puss in Book'. Image: Netflix via Variety.

Based on the popular trope of asking open-ended questions within kids TV shows, Netflix director of product innovation Carla Engelbrecht Fisher said at the time, "It’s a faux two-way conversation".

The complexities of the mechanic aside, the Black Mirror move will see the company applying the interactive-style to a live-action production for the first time.

If you haven't caught an episode of Black Mirror before, the sci-fi anthology series features Twilight Zone-style stories of the perils of man's increasing reliance on technology. The title of the series is based on the way a phone screen reflects when it's not illuminated. Makes you think, right???

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The Emmy Award-winning series' creator Charlie Brooker has toyed with the idea of broadening the show into the interactive realm with previous episodes.

When talking about season three's horror video game ep Playtest, Brooker said, "We did talk to some of the tech people about things we could do... I wanted to do it in nightmare mode where after you watched it once, if you watched it again it was different."

Netflix has not yet confirmed when the fifth season of Black Mirror will hit the streaming service, and while the last season dropped in December 2017 there's no word yet on if we'll be choosing-our-own-adventures in 2018, or if we'll just be choosing-our-own Pad Thais like usual.

Featured image: Netflix.