What The Fork Is Up With The Aussie Accents On 'The Good Place'?

Australians who tuned into season three of 'The Good Place' couldn't help but notice some questionable accents that were supposed to be from down under.

Without giving away too many season three spoilers -- part of the show is set in Australia where character Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper) spends some time at a fictional university in Sydney.

The accents of the characters he meets along the way appear to be an ever-changing concoction of Kiwi, English, South African and -- and at times -- a southern American drawl.

Local fans couldn't help but notice. 

TV icon and Good Place lead actor Ted Danson even had trouble cracking our hard to nail vernacular.

Fans of the show are having some seriously mixed feelings about the scenes set down under.

The episode also featured this quirky sign -- but not everyone was a fan of the pun.

Some Twitter users pointed out the obvious -- that there are plenty of out of work actors in Los Angeles who could have stepped up to the job.

Which leads us to believe the slightly dodgy accents are all part of The Good Place writers' plan to poke fun at our *unusual* -- and oft misunderstood -- Aussie accents.

You can catch the newest episode of The Good Place on Netflix.

Main Image: Getty Images.