The Bachelor 2018: Cass Speaks On Her Confrontation With Britt

As if the rose ceremony that saw the end of 23-year-old Cass Wood's 'Bachelor' journey come to an end last night wasn't emotional enough, it came hot on the heels of a confrontation with Britt, her BFF in the mansion.

Asked whether her feelings for Nick made it hard to form friendships with the other girls in the house, Cass said no.

"It was a really weird situation because it’s 28 girls dating this one guy who I did have really strong feelings for -- who I had already dated -- so I guess that made it harder," she told ten daily.

"But it was weird, we all became such good friends," she added, saying that they would all separate their friendships from their relationship with Nick.

"I just tried not to let that get in the way of forming friendships, and I had my two best friends in the house, Sophie and Britt," she said. "We made it to the top four together, and you’d think it would be really intense and hard, but we just remained really close, lifelong friends."

As the girls returned to the mansion after being separated for hometown week, Cass recalled how excited she was to see Britt.

"We’re like best, best friends -- I saw her sitting around the pool, we were doing these pensive shot things, and I was like ‘oh my God, Britt!’," she said. While she said that Britt was "excited to see [her] as well", Cass soon realised something was amiss.

"When she was walking up to me she had this look on her face -- like this smile -- I knew … it wasn’t normal," she shared, adding: "My heart kind of sunk and I was like ‘oh something’s up’".

Sure enough, Britt confronted Cass about her hometown visit -- where Britt's sister revealed details about Cass and Nick's past history to her -- telling her that her hometown visit was "ruined" by the revelations.

As Britt relayed to Cass that "fans were saying [the show] was a ploy and we planned it, and that [Cass] was always gonna win", Cass emphatically denied that.

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"I found that really hurtful, I would never do that," Cass said, saying that it "sucked" to be in that position.

Still, Cass empathised with Britt, saying that she "did understand where she was coming from".

Calling the situation "really hard", Cass said that she'd "felt so guilty" for not telling the girls more about her history with Nick, and saying that she "didn't know how to handle the whole thing".

"I just didn’t wanna go into detail because I didn’t want to hurt the girls or make them feel uncomfortable, so I left out details about us going on dates and stuff," she said. "[Britt] was pretty upset. I wanted to tell them the whole time, and the longer I left it, the harder it got, and I hate lying, as well, I never usually would, I was just trying to protect them."

Of their confrontation, Cass said that she was so upset that she "started hyperventilating".

"I couldn’t breathe, it was so hard," she said. "I would never, ever want to hurt Brittany. I explained everything, and I think -- it wasn’t like an argument, we weren’t angry at each other, it was more like she was disappointed and wanted to know what happened."

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The pair have remained friends through everything, though, and after Britt found herself on the receiving end of criticism for the way she approached her confrontation, Cass was the first to step in and defend her pal on the 'gram.

Noting that "no one will truly understand" the position they were in at the time, Cass said that she "completely" understood why Britt confronted her and said that she held "absolutely no hard feelings" toward her.

"Britt, you've always had my back and I appreciate that so so much, our bonds will never be broken," she wrote, hashtagging the post #womensupportingwomen and #nohate.

Brittany, for her part, also weighed in on Insta, saying that while the moment was a "speed bump" in their friendship, "it never affected [their] friendship"

"I guess that’s what makes a true friend," she wrote. "Yes I was hurt, confused, upset, but I did my best to understand, and I did. Cass kept it to herself for a reason, and what a situation to be in."

Thanking Cass and Sophie for their friendship, Britt went on to say that she "could never have" made it through her Bachie journey without them.

"We were all always there for each other, and we still are," she wrote.


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