The Bachelor 2018: Bachie Girls Spill On Their Worst First Dates

Let’s be real, first dates are like a box of chocolates: you never know when you’re going to get one that’s *extra* nutty.

Like that poor girl whose date did a runner, leaving her to pay the bill along with a charming text message that read, “Thanks for dinner! Hard no, welcome to Cali fatty.”

Pretty much everyone has terrible (read: hilarious) stories of awkward first dates, including us here at tendaily.

“One time a guy went to the bathroom while we were at a bar and I texted him after a while and he responded ‘I’m in a cab on the way to a house party in Bondi?’” shares one reporter.

But hey, at least he wrote back, right?

“He also called me the next day to be like, 'Can I take you out for a drink to apologise?' and I was like 'Nah, I don’t want to be left at another bar, hey.'"

Fair call.

First dates also have you running the risk of meeting one of those small percentage of generally sh*tty humans, like our social media produce, Alex, discovered the hard way.

“A once guy told me that he thought women who wore red lipstick look like whores… I was wearing red lipstick.”

Even the bevy of beauties on this season of The Bachelor aren’t immune to first date horror stories.

“I went on a date to the movies, I had my popcorn and was playing it cool, then I stacked it up the stairs, popcorn went flying over everyone and it was a huge scene… There was no second date!” The Bachelor’s Shannon said.

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Intruder Jamie-Lee also had a cringe-worthy anecdote to share, saying:

“Four or five minutes into the conversation he said something that was incredibly racist, then he just went on this racist tangent,” she described.

So while it seems like everyone cops a crappy date at least once in their lifetime, at least we can say we’ve never attempted to throw our own crap out a window only for it to become stuck, then get stuck trying to retrieve it and have to be rescued by the fire department.

What a sh*tty situation. Image: Mega

Yes, that actually happened, and there was even a GoFundMe at the time to help replace the man’s broken window.

Ahh, ain’t love grand?

Check out the full video above for more of the bachelorettes' dating horror stories.


Image: Ten