The Bachelor 2018: Cass Says Part Of Her Will "Always Have Feelings" For Nick

It's been an emotional rollercoaster for Cass, who ended her 'Bachelor' journey just short of the top three this evening, as Nick Cummins said they'd "hit a ceiling" on their romance.

After dating briefly before the show began, Cass told ten daily that she'd considered Nick "the one that got away", so the 23-year-old student was shocked and thrilled to see that he was the bachelor.

In fact, with so many feelings and emotions at play from the jump, Cass told him that if he didn’t see a future between them, to send her home.

“I said to Nick at the very beginning of the show, ‘if you can’t see yourself with me, send me home now, because it is heartbreaking for me, and my heart is on the line’, and he didn’t, so I think… he’s a good person, he wouldn’t have just strung me along, but, just by the end of it… I don’t know,” she said.

Reflecting on her time in the mansion, Cass described it as a "tough journey", but she's glad to have gotten an answer from Nick about where they stand.

"It was really upsetting and heartbreaking, [but] I guess I finally got that answer from him, that he couldn’t see himself with me," she said. "It wasn’t really the answer I wanted to hear -- but still, I got an answer. I did walk away feeling a bit confused because I honestly didn’t really understand like -- all he really said was like, ‘we’ve hit a ceiling'."

"He was someone I thought I could see myself spending the rest of my life with, ‘coz he ticked all the boxes," she said of her feelings for Nick at the time.

As for where they're at now, it seems they fall somewhere in between "it's complicated" and "friends".

"I’ve bumped into him a few times around Manly, yeah, I guess you could say we’re friends," Cass said. "I have so much respect for him and he does for me, I think we’re always gonna remain friends."

Still, Cass said, she was "pretty hurt -- like -- really, really hurt" to not be the one Nick chose in the end, and watching it play out for the nation doesn't make the healing process any easier.

"It’s a bit hard because rewatching the show and having to do interviews all the time," she shared, explaining that when giving interviews, they can only reveal as much as has happened on the show.

"I got asked last week, ‘are you excited to introduce him to your family?’ It’s weird because you have to pretend like you’re still in that mindset," she said.

Cass hoped that tonight's episode would bring some closure with it.

"Watching me leave, I’ll relive that moment, and it’ll be like the ending of what happened," she said.

Cass continued: "There’s a part of me that’ll always have feelings for him, because he was that one to me who might’ve been the person I’d spend the rest of my life with, but at the same time, I got an answer."

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Despite fans telling her for weeks that Nick was stringing her along, Cass doesn't think that's the case.

"I read all of the fans of the show’s feedback, and the whole time they’re saying ‘you’re stringing her along, tell her how you feel’," she said.

From Cass' perspective, fans of the show weren't seeing the whole picture, sharing that her and Nick "were so close" and "had a really good connection".

"The conversations we had were so fun and good and I guess on the show they kinda made it look more one-sided from me," she said, adding that "some of the really good chats" they had didn't make it to air.

Whether fans of the show were getting the whole picture or not, Cass was one of the most talked-about bachelorettes of the season, generating plenty of talk on social media, week after week.

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Describing the first few weeks of the show as "tough to watch", Cass said it was hard because people weren't seeing "a true portrayal" of herself or the situation between her and Nick.

"The reaction wasn’t that positive, there were a lot of comments, like ‘stage-five clinger, stalker’ that I didn’t really like reading," Cass shared, "but these people don’t know me and I think I dealt with it pretty well, I always stayed positive".

After the camping group date, however, Cass said she could feel the tide turning on social media once they'd seen the dynamic between her and Nick when they were one-on-one. It was then, she said, that "the show kind of portrayed it how it was and you could see it wasn’t one-sided".

"Everyone has been really supportive from there," she said.

Despite some of the scenes being "cringey" and "a bit hard to watch", Cass doesn't have any regrets.

Whether she'd do it all again, however, is another story.

Asked whether she'd be keen to come back for Bachelor in Paradise, Cass hesitated.

"... I’m not sure," she said. "I honestly don’t know, ‘coz this whole thing was really hard for me, watching how I was portrayed, but also having history with the bachelor and going through that whole thing. I went on the show to find someone and I’m not seeing anyone now, so I’m still trying to find someone... I don’t know if going on Bachelor in Paradise is the right way to find someone, but who knows.

With her Bachelor journey coming to an end, Cass has set her sights on a different kind of bachelor, her degree in accounting and marketing.

"I’ve got a year of uni left, so I’m completing that, I’m just taking everything as it comes," she finished.


Feature image: Ten