The Bachelor 2018: Emily Reveals Nick Had "Completely Shut Down"

After connecting with Nick after the swimming carnival group date, Emily found their spark difficult to maintain in their single date.

Despite always finding Nick easy to chat with and someone she liked and got along with, the conversation stalled during the second part of their single date.

Walking into the private room of Opera House with a beautiful view of the harbour, where the pair would enjoy a drink, Emily told ten daily: "I sat down and I was so confident and relaxed, I thought we’d hit it off exactly like we had every other time, but there was a little bit of a shock to me that I felt like he’d completely shut down."

Noting that she'd "been waiting so long" for a single date with the Honey Badger, Emily said that she "came with a lot of questions" and "wanted to know everything" about him, but quickly found that her interest wasn't reciprocated.

"I was getting one-word answers and if I wasn’t generating that conversation, we’d start to sit in silence, so it was really a little bit hard and a bit of a shock, because I wasn’t expecting it," Emily explained.

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Although the experience was "disappointing" and "disheartening" for Emily, who had been waiting "months and months" for a single date by that time, the ACT dance teacher was also empathetic toward Nick.

"He’d just spent that whole morning completely out of his comfort zone for me, which was just incredible," she said of their ballet lesson date. "We were both exhausted, and I was so impressed that he really put in 100%. By the time we actually had a bit of couch time and could have a bit of a yarn, he was shagged!"

Getting a single date that involved her passion for dance softened the blow of the less-than-stimulating conversation, though.

"It honestly was so special and never in my wildest dreams would I inspire Nick to get into a pair of tights, it was beyond hysterical!" Emily laughs, adding: "It was so lovely and I definitely appreciated it. If you couldn’t tell, I was over the moon!"

Watching it back, Emily saw that she was "pretty late to the game" to make a connection with Nick compared to some of the other girls in the mansion, and thinks perhaps that was one of the reasons their spark fizzled out after their dance.

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"It just might not have been in his capacity to really let me in and go for it, so I can understand and appreciate that," she mused. "I just liked him, I liked him so much and I wanted it to work out, but it wasn’t meant to be, and that’s totally fine. I get it."

Although Emily said she was holding onto a "little bit of hope" that she'd make it to hometowns, so that Nick could meet her family and friends and get to know her better, she "wasn't overly surprised" to not receive a rose last night.

"By that time I’d kind of sussed out where everyone stood and you could kind of get a feel of where he was at with the other girls and I just thought, ‘oh, no, I just haven’t crossed the line enough for this, to make it, unfortunately,’ which is sucky because I thought he was fab," she said.

Through the "ups and downs" of her Bachelor journey, Emily is happy to have met "so many gorgeous girls" she can now count as friends, and to have done "some amazing things" she never thought she'd get to experience.

As for what's next, Emily said that she's "still single" and "would just love to find a nice guy".

"That was the reason I went on the show in the first place!" she exclaimed. 

Since Em's still on the lookout, she's very open to the idea of coming back for Bachelor in Paradise, too.

"I wanted to meet some new people and hopefully find someone that way and if they asked me or if that was an opportunity, I would love to do Bachelor in Paradise," she said. "I think it would be a really good opportunity to hopefully meet some hot guys and hopefully lovely ones! Fingers crossed!"


Feature image: Ten