The Bachelor 2018: Dasha Slams Nick, "He Doesn't Really Make Much Effort"

After a "beautiful and lovely" first date, Dasha was hopeful that the romantic spark between her and Bachelor Nick Cummins might flourish.

"It was so amazing and I walked away with a beautiful feeling like something actually might happen here on The Bachelor, I guess, because Nick seemed like a lovely person," Dasha told ten daily.

With almost a month in between their first date and second chance to spend some time alone together, though -- after a group date set at an obstacle course designed to break down emotional barriers -- that spark seemed to fizzle.

"As soon as we sat down for the second chat... it wasn’t really awkward for me, because I was the person who was making an effort," Dasha began. "I was talking a lot, and yeah, he was just… kind of awkward. Back in the moment, I definitely thought 'he doesn’t really make much effort, as much as I do'."

Also a factor, Dasha said, was seeing all the other girls returning from their dates and hearing "bits of the conversations they had together".

"Whatever picture of Nick I had after my single date... changed over the next few weeks," she explained.

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By the time Dasha was eliminated, she was ready to go home and said that she "wasn't surprised at all" by the result of the rose ceremony.

"I’ll put it this way: after my first date, I was really sure that something would happen eventually where we might actually -- never say never -- that we might actually end up together, [but] by the end of this journey I thought 'okay, Nick is not the person I would end up with', so that’s why I started missing Leon a lot," she explained, adding that if the connection had been stronger between her and Nick, she would have been able to "compose herself".

"Back then and there, I thought I might just be wasting my time [in the mansion] and I could spend that time with Leon, so when I didn’t get that rose, I actually felt quite relieved," she added.

As a bonus, Dasha added, she got to leave the house at the same time as Emily, her best friend in the mansion, "which made it more perfect".

Dasha, who firmly believes "that you can't force anything in life" hasn't left the house heartbroken by the Honey Badger.

"I’m not going to be sitting here crying over Nick because there are so many other people around," she said, adding: "I never really get hurt by that."

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Though she may not be upset for herself, she did find herself very emotional at Shannon's departure the week before.

"I was really hurt for Shannon," she shared. "I’m a good judge of character and Shannon is the most genuine person I’ve ever seen, and she’s so gentle, as well, so it’s so easy to hurt her."

Explaining that Shannon had been "hurt badly in the past", Dasha said that she went into the mansion "hoping that this experience would kind of heal her", but perhaps left her more hurt than before.

"I just really felt for her," she shared. "Even before the rose ceremony, when she found out that she wasn’t getting the last date of the season, I actually was really upset and I spent time with her in the bathroom and we were crying together and I was trying to comfort her. I walked away without being hurt, like, I’m still feeling myself and I still know my worth, whereas some other girls it might impact the way they see themselves."

Describing her own time in the mansion as "a little bit challenging" and "mentally tough", Dasha has now come to see her time as "a great learning experience".

"It's weird because I love putting myself into -- can I use language? -- fucked up situations like that," she shared, explaining that it provided an opportunity to "go deep into yourself".

While all the girls in the house were "lovely", Dasha said that as an introvert, she spent "a lot of time by [herself]" thinking about life.

"Even though I knew what I want in life, now I think I have a better idea of what I want," she said.

For now, that involves keeping busy working on her fitness app, as well as another secret project that she's "been dreaming about for a long time", and organising moving her life to Sydney.

One thing she won't be doing, though?

Driving manual.

"You know what, I actually thought about [taking lessons]!" Dasha laughs. "But you know what, it’s 2018, like I’ve always been driving automatic cars, so I feel like I will just stick to driving automatic cars. If I have to drive manual, I’ll just bunny hop all the way from A to B! There is always a way!"


Feature image: Ten