Australian Survivor 2018: Dead Man Walking!

Spoilers inside, but you already knew that.

It’s Monday so you know what that means… Survivor time!

After last Thursday’s explosive Ep saw us bid farewell to self-confessed ‘Godfather’ Benji, our Castaways have only ten days left on the island before just one will emerge as the sole survivor.

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Tonight we open with Sharn and Commando chatting about how ~serene~ it is with fewer people at camp, and how proud they are of good ol’ Shane Gould for lasting so long in the competition.

Meanwhile, Gouldy is just chopping up and dragging piles of firewood down the beach like it’s a casual Sunday morning walk in the park. Champion, indeed!

Piece of cake!

Shane tells us that she and Steve have struck up a unique friendship, and it’s actually really heart-warming listening to them discuss life and their families back home. We're going to dub these two as 'Shteve'. Catchy, right???

Anyway, it looks like our fave island BFFs #Shonella might have some competition with #Shteve in the picture!!!

Shane also says that being older doesn’t mean you have to “sit around knitting booties,” and that she came into this game as a Champion and she’ll leave as a Champion, and yasss queen you take down these whippersnappers!!!

Don't f**k with Shane Gould.

Shane mentions that #Shonella have dubbed Brian ‘King Grub’, and honestly it’s the most accurate nickname we’ve heard this season. She also says wants to take them all out one by one -- with Shonee being the first in her line of fire.

All hail King Grub!

King Grub, however, tells us he’s suss on Monika, who until now has flown under the radar without being labelled a major threat. Meanwhile, Mon reckons Survivor is just like winning Miss Universe, and like... we don't understand how it's similar at all but whatever floats your boat I guess???

Anyway, it’s time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge!!!

Today they need to balance a see-saw with one leg with an idol weighing down the other side, and my glutes are burning just thinking about it.

Shonee wins!! Everyone's shocked!! Even Shonee is shocked!!

BUT it does mean that Shane’s plan to send Shonee packing have been thwarted, which now begs the question of who will she target instead??

But wait, there’s a twist!!!!

Jonathan tells the tribe that whoever receives the most votes tonight will become a ‘Dead Man Walking’ which means they’ll lose the ability to vote for the next two Tribal Councils. If they survive to the final five, they then will regain their vote.


The Champs are planning on taking out Fenella to break up #Shonella, and while we’re pretty sad over the prospect of breaking these two apart, we know in our hearts Shonella can’t last forever. As the old adage goes, if you love something, you must let it go. Or something like that.

Meanwhile, Mon cries because “this game is stressing her out”. And girl, we feel that... Honestly, we get stressed AF just watching all these Chinese whispers before Tribal every ep!


Shane says she doesn’t trust Mon, and she “can’t believe her future could be decided by Miss Universe.” All we can say is... Ouch!

So basically this is the basic gist of what's happening (we.. think):

  • Shonee wants Shane out
  • Shane wants Shonee out
  • Shonee has Immunity, so now Shane wants Fenella out
  • Mon is (understandably) overwhelmed and says she feels like she’s back in high school and having to pick which group of friends to hang out with
  • Brian wants Steve out
  • It’s all v. v. overwhelming, and we actually have no idea who will end up as Dead Man Walking after Tribal


We get a look at our new jury, including newly-eliminated and now clean-shaven Benji.

There’s a lot of shady looks and backhanded comments thrown around during Tribal -- with Shonee and Brian deciding in the MIDDLE OF TRIBAL that they’re going to go after Steve.

There’s three votes Fenella and three votes Steve. With one final vote the, Dead Man Walking is… Steve!!


Looks like Mon turned on her fellow Champs after all... Tomorrow should be interesting!

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders Airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.