The Bachelor 2018: Horses And Hometowns, Hugs And Heartbreak

Hi babes, and welcome Bach! Tonight, we visit the hometowns of Cass, Brooke, Sophie and Britt, and it's sure to be a real TIME, so let's get right into it.

Cass is up first, showing Nick her home of the Northern Beaches... which is... you know... also where Nick lives.

We learn quickly that Cass is a horse girl.

I can't say I'm shocked, tbh.

They go for a ride and then relax with a gin where Cass tells Nick he'll be meeting her mum, step-dad, her brother Ben and sister Sammie. She warns Nick that she's told her mum and sister all about him, so they "might have some questions" for him.

They go to Cass' house for dinner, and her mum and sister pull her outside to be like "you loved him though! Do you still love him? Is he your soulmate or what?" and Cass is like "Omg stop don't make me sound crazy!!!" and gets really flustered.

At dinner, Cass' mum goes in on Nick, being like "so do you love her? Are you gonna hurt my daughter?" and both Cass and Nick are extremely uncomfortable, while Mama Cass is like "lol".

Cassie's sister pulls Nick aside for a chat and asks him about his feelings and intentions for her sister.

Nick talks in circles without giving her an answer, and she's like:

Cass walks Nick out and they talk about how well he fit in with her family. They pash, and then CASS ALMOSTS TELLS HIM SHE LOVES HIM, but then reels it in, gives him a four-hour hug, and he says goodnight, leaving her to regret all the things she didn't say.

She says that if Nick doesn't end up choosing her, she'll be heartbroken, and huns, I'm STRESSED. This poor, poor girl.

Next up is Brooke's hometown visit in Perth. They meet up at a football field, run around and pash.

For Brooke's hometown visit, Nick's going to meet her best friend Tess, her brother Troy, and a man named Peter who Brooke describes as a father figure. Brooke warns Nick that Tess is going to be the one to put him through the ringer, and describes her as "protective".

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Right off the bat, Tess is like, lowkey not having a bar of Nick, and in the long absence of Vanessa Sunshine, I'm really thriving.

She stares him down and offers polite smiles when it's absolutely necessary, and wow, I stan.

At dinner, she asks him 4,000 questions, nearly getting to the point of yelling across the table at him, and is then like "actually let's do this one-on-one". Nick's s****ing himself, it's a real lol.

Tess asks Nick if he's going to be able to provide Brooke with the stability she needs in life if he uproots her entire life and gets her to move to Sydney. Nick says that if he can't provide that, he won't choose her.

After their chat, Brooke walks Nick out and tells him that she "really, really likes" him, that she can see herself falling in love with him, and that she is "falling for" him. They smooch more.

Next up is Sophie's hometown, and they kick things off with a quick jet ski.

Nick's meeting Sophie's mum and dad, as well as her twin sister Melissa, eldest sister Ashley, and Ashley's fiancé Ben.

They tell Nick to "squeeze in" on the outdoor lounge, and he sits down and almost manspreads poor Soph's mum off the edge of the couch.

The dinner goes well and Nick feels right at home until Ashley and Melissa ask him to step inside so they can grill him about his investment in Sophie.

They tell Sophie that he's a smooth talker who talks around questions rather than answering them directly, they also tell Sophie to let her guard down and tell Nick how she feels.

Sophie tells Nick that she "thoroughly enjoys spending time" with him, but says that she's still struggling to let her barriers down.

Finally, we have Brittany's hometown, which you'll remember is also where Nick was born.

Nick describes Brittany as "a sight", but maybe he should check his because he also says she has black hair.

They go on a camel ride, because that's a thing in Port Macquarie, apparently. Who knew?!

About four seconds after meeting Britt's family, Nick's pulled aside by her father.

Britt's dad is like "I don't know who you are" and then DOUBLES DOWN by saying that he doesn't respect the way football players treat women.

Nick's like:

And I'm like:

I stan this feminist icon!

He also says that he'd "like to do physical harm" to Britt's ex, given the chance. It's a real Wolf Creek kind of mood, tbh.

Guys, it's so lit.

At dinner, Britt's brother begins questioning Nick, and mentions that Nick's good looking.

Nick replies "I'm straight, but yeah" which is just not a cute look for 2018, but whatever.

Anyway, the brother finishes his question, which is "why can't you find someone in real life", and Nick replies that he doesn't just want someone he meets at a bar. Sorry, Cass!

Speaking of Cass, Britt's sister pulls him aside to ask him about her, and Nick's like, "Nah it wasn't even a thing hey". She relays her concerns to Britt, who then circles back to ask Nick about it.

He says that they "kissed" the three or so times they hung out, which... didn't she take a surf trip with Nick and his brother? Whatever, I don't care.

With all the hometown dates done, the girls are all back at the mansion, drinking alone at what they're calling a cocktail party, despite the lack of music, fun, or conversation.

Britt's stressed about these revelations around Cass and Nick, and plans to confront Cass.

Cass is visibly shaken, and immediately tells Brittany the truth, which is that they went on a few dates.

Brittany then tells Cass that she found this out during her hometown visit and that she was "mortified" and "more embarrassed than [she'd] ever been before in [her] life" which is like, THAT'S the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you? THAT???

Guys, on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Angelina took a dump in the back of a cab when she was wasted and she was less "mortified" than Britt is to find out that Cass and Nick went on maybe five dates a year ago... when he is currently dating her in the mansion!?! I'm SCREAMING????

I just... this is so dumb? Whatever.

Cass breaks down, and we go into the rose ceremony on a tense note.

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Brooke gets the first rose, Sophie gets the second rose, and we're down to Brittany and Cass.

The final rose goes to Brittany, which means we see poor Cassie's heart shattered into 1,000 pieces. It is, of course, incredibly emotional.

Britt tells Cass she loves her, and all the girls seem upset for Cass, knowing how much it would have hurt Cass to be in that moment.

Nick walks Cass out and tries to soften the blow with compliments, and they say an emotional goodbye to one another.

Meanwhile, Britt tells Sophie and Brooke that Nick and Cass "care about one another more than we realised", to which Sophie -- the voice of reason -- replies "then why is she going home?"

Brittany suggests that "something was there once and it's not now" which is like "okay??   ?      ???             ?" like go off with that fan fic, I guess.

And with that, we're down to the final three. What a journey, hey? Come back next week when one of our faves will drop an emotional bombshell on Nick, leaving him shook, and we head on into the finale, where Nick will choose his final love!


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