A Marching Band Played ‘The Office’ Theme And It Was Amazing

A university marching band performed an impressive rendition of the iconic theme from US TV series 'The Office' during a football game on the weekend.

The Louisiana State University Tiger Marching Band adapted the TV theme for orchestra instruments -- which made it sound incredibly epic.

The Tigers also got into formation to spell out The Office -- impeccably recreating the show's official font.

The marching band -- which has an impressive 325 members -- performed the tune in a medley with a few other classic TV themes including The Simpsons, Parks And Recreation and I Dream Of Jeannie. 

Interestingly, the theme from the US Office was composed by musician Jay Ferguson -- who was in the prog band Spirit and rocked this incredible moustache in the '70s.

American rock musician Jay Ferguson performs at the Park West Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois, June 2, 1979. (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

Ferguson also penned the under-appreciated '70s gem "Thunder Island" which -- to be quite honest -- should have also been made into a TV theme song or at the very least, been recreated by a university marching band.

Main Image: NBC/Giphy.