Robert Irwin Hilariously Scares The Crap Out Of Kevin Hart On Fallon

In his latest appearance on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', Robert Irwin scared the ever-loving crap out of Kevin Hart.

It's truly a wild, wild time whenever he stops by Jimmy Fallon's late-night show, but this time the volume was turned up to 11, as Jimmy's guest co-host had absolute meltdown with each new critter joining him on the stage.

Comedian Kevin Hart basically ran to the other side of the stage when Irwin brought out a baby emu named Giselle, so you can imagine what happened when he brought out a snake.

"Let me tell you something," Hart said, "It ain't gonna happen."

After the crowd began to chant his name Hart announced, "Let me tell you what I've gotten really good at in my life: Saying no. NO."

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The 14-year-old son of the Crocodile Hunter was in fine form, as he always is while he fielded questions from a terrified Hart.

The hysterical clip has already started to go viral after people watched Fallon and Hart absolutely losing it over a red knee tarantula.

Robert has been a reoccurring guest on Fallon's show since February 2017, much like his dad Steve, Robert's energy, enthusiasm and sincere love of animals has made him an absolute favourite for American audiences.

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Well, most audiences -- except Hart, who was too preoccupied with what would be brought out next. "This is how black people die in horror movies," the actor joked after also noting, "I got so much sweat dripping down my ass right now. I'm so nervous."

Watch the full clip here:

Featured image: Getty Images.