The Bachelor 2018: Jamie-Lee Didn't 'Gel' With Nick, And That's Fine By Her

After a tackle from Brooke during a group date activity on day one saw Jamie-Lee confined to a moonboot throughout her 'Bachelor' journey, she was unable to partake in this week's physically demanding group date.

Eventually, not being able to participate or spend more time with Nick led to the end of her journey on Wednesday night.

“I really didn’t get much time in there at all!” she exclaimed to ten daily over the phone with a laugh.

Saying that the injury -- a partial tear to her Achilles tendon, and a sprained ankle -- set her behind "a little bit" in her quest for love with Nick.

"I feel like it’s maybe five months on and I still can’t wear heels! That’s my main issue!" she exclaimed with a laugh.

After initially thinking it was just a sprain, Jamie-Lee figured she'd be walking on it the next day, but quickly realised that was not the case.

"There was talk of me having to have surgery on it, it was so insane, I honestly had no idea it was that bad," she shared, adding that she was laughing along with the other bachelorettes who were making jokes at her expense and calling it a fake injury.

"I was laughing with them!" she said. "Obviously it was mortifying and I was so upset at the thought that it could’ve ended that experience for me -- a couple of hours after I’d been there -- but I took it really lightheartedly and I think if you let things get to you like that then, you know, you probably shouldn’t be doing reality TV! But I get it, it looked like a fake injury!"

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Still, Jamie-Lee assured us that despite her injury, her Bachelor journey was "incredible".

"I think that it played out how it was meant to play out," she said. "Of course I was a little bummed, I was there to find love, but you know what, if I’m bummed about every person I don’t fall in love with, then there’s something wrong with the way I’m looking at it, right?"

She carried this attitude into speaking about her single date last week, also, saying:

"You’re not gonna have like, amaaazing banter with everyone you’ve dated, and he’s dated, what, 25 girls now? He can’t fall in love with every single one of them, and I don’t think that speaks on him or on the girls, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles."

Recalling the "pressure" of their date, Jamie-Lee described it as "a tough day".

"That sword was literally longer than I was, there was no way I would’ve been able to actually handle it, it was really difficult, and then with the moonboot, and the gorgeous all-white ensemble!" she laughs, clarifying: "It looked like I had a really horrible date -- I didn’t -- I enjoyed it as much as I could’ve enjoyed it. Nick and I just didn’t gel, and that’s cool, that’s how it’s meant to be."

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In fact, Jamie-Lee didn't expect to gel with Nick. Describing her "pre-conceived idea" of Nick to be a "meathead football player", she recalled thinking that there would be "NO WAY" there would be any spark between them.

Although the spark may not have lasted, she said that Nick "seems like a really cool guy", and it would have been nice to have had more of a chance for them to get to know one another.

"I’m not upset at the way it ended, I’m not heartbroken, I feel really blessed to have had the opportunity," she added.

Looking to the future, Jamie-Lee's plan is to "just keep on pottering along".

"There’s nothing too exciting happening in my world!" she laughs.


Feature image: Ten