The Bachelor 2018: Shannon Dishes On Her Emotional Exit

Reflecting on her emotional 'Bachelor' journey -- which came to an end last night -- Shannon described the experience as "enlightening".

"I learned so much about myself throughout the experience," Shannon told ten daily over the phone. "I met some amazing women, and it’s not every day you're in a situation like that where you have the opportunity to learn so much about yourself. I felt almost enlightened, I felt like I had just taken so much from the experience."

Noting that she'd never been in a house with 25 girls before, Shannon said that it's taught her a lot about "the way [she interacts] with people" and about her emotions as a whole.

"It’s empowering to be able to recognise these feelings and emotions," she reflected, sharing that her feelings from the single date she shared with Nick "were genuine" and that she "held onto them through the experience".

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Shannon -- who snagged the first date of the season -- had to hold on for quite a while, though, with months spanning between their date and the end of her time in the mansion.

Looking back, she feels that getting the first date ended up leaving her at a disadvantage.

"Nick was just as nervous as me, and it’s a lot of pressure," she explained, adding that afterwards, she knew she had "a long time to wait" before they would potentially be able to spend more time together.

With the added pressure that "so much happens in that time" with the other women in the house, Shannon said that she admires the girls who can "get through it all and maintain that confidence".

"It teaches you a lot about yourself and your patience," she shared. "I was really patient. I got really emotional because I’d been patient, I was really supportive to all the girls, but I just didn’t get my happy ending with a second date."

Telling us that she'd been "hanging onto everything" she'd experienced on their date, Shannon said she "felt a lot of pressure to get that date card" in last night's episode.

"I knew that if I didn’t get that, I wasn’t gonna get much more time with Nick," she explained. "When Sophie got it, that’s where it all sort of fell over, because I realised it was probably my time to go home. I just felt a bit disappointed, because by this time I’d been in there for nearly three months, and I was hanging on because I was thinking that we were potentially gonna get more time, but things happen that are meant to happen, so I can’t regret a thing."

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Despite telling Nick that he should've kissed her in her emotional farewell, Shannon said that she doesn't regret that they didn't get to share a kiss, but she would've liked the opportunity.

"It would’ve been nice, and we would’ve really known where we stood with one another," she said. "I was the only one there that he hadn’t kissed, so I guess I was hoping for that opportunity, but I reflected back on it and, he was just as nervous as I was, and looking back on all the dates he’s had, he’s gone in for the kiss, so I can’t regret anything. If it was there and it was meant to be, it would’ve been."

For now, Shannon's busy keeping up with her new Melbourne friends from her time in the mansion, and finishing up a childrens' book that's "all about the power of imagination".

"I’m just about finished," she revealed, crediting her time in the mansion, in part, for the burst of inspiration that's helping her complete the work after two years.

"When I got out of the house I was instantly inspired to just finish it," she said, "so it’s keeping me nice and busy. It’s pretty crazy -- I’m actually really excited to get it out there -- it’s like a riddle, like a kid’s riddle!"

As for whether we'll see her on our screens again, Shannon was open to the possibility.

"If I had the opportunity to do Bachelor in Paradise I’d most certainly take it up!" she said. "I’m still open to love, so I feel like if I did meet someone, I’ve got a lot to give. I’m open to everything."


Feature image: Ten