Australian Survivor 2018: That's The Way The Kingdom Crumbles


Has everyone recovered from last night’s INSANE episode in which we saw Benji orchestrate the blindside of the century against Mat?!!!

Yeah, we haven’t either, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for tonight.

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Tonight, we enter with Benji now calling himself ‘The New Godfather’ (cringe) while Commando and Sharn are understandably devastated over Matty’s elimination.

Shane has had a gutful of the former contenders doing bugger all around the camp along with voting out her mate, so she decides to sabotage them by putting out their fire -- we love some passive aggressiveness!

Shonee complains that “none of the Champions did the fire in the night and there was no breakfast ready when I woke up”, and Shane's just watching them from the ocean and plotting revenge.

Cook ur own brekky ya snakes.

She then drops an iconic “don’t f**k with Shane Gould” and yeah, this is a Shane Gould fan page now, sorry!!

Deal with it.

Sharn is kicking herself for trusting Benji and being made to look like a fool at Tribal Council, and she is MAD! Little does she know now that Benji’s target is now on her, saying, he “wants to get rid of that annoyance in my life”.

It’s time for the reward challenge -- and poor Mon must be having some PTSD flashbacks because they again have to face that giant tower where she famously (and painfully) bellyflopped.

Never forget.

The reward is fried chicken, chips and soft drinks, and tbh, we would happily bellyflop for that on a regular day.

Shane and Benji are team captains in charge of picking their team, and Shane is strategically picking members of Benji’s alliance -- just to mess with him, we assume -- and we love it.

All of a sudden, Brian start peeing off the side of the giant platform into the ocean, like, in the middle of the challenge, and now we really see why his nickname is ‘Grubby’.


Shane, Mon, Brian and Sharn take out the win. As we suspected, Shane reveals she strategically picked people she hoped she could convince to vote for Benji in tonight’s Tribal Council, and we are so here for this new sly dog Shaneo.

As Benji, Shonee, Fenella, and Commando head back to camp, Shonee TELLS BENJI about her secret advantage (remember the one she found in the lolly jar?) and OMG WHY?!!

It’s time for the bug chicken feast -- aaaand there’s a secret clue in the ice bucket! Which Brian later finds, which tells him that there's an idol hidden under the stairs. As they leave he’s like “Oops! Forgot my drink bottle!" and nabs it.

Time for the Immunity Challenge -- and the task involves bouncing balls on a wooden disc (like one of those toys when you were a kid with the ball attached to a paddleboard by elastic -- except no elastic).

It’s soon Commando and Brian left playing with their balls (lol), and just as we thought he’d win, Steve falters and Brian wins. Brian is immune in this week’s Tribal!

It's my time to shine.

Back at camp, Benji the snake lies to Mon, saying the Ducks have extra votes -- and we hope she is just playing him, 'cos c'mon now Mon, you saw what happened last Tribal...

Benji -- once again on the warpath of manipulation -- goes to Brian saying Sharn wants to vote for him. The only problem is that... Brian has immunity, which Benji has clearly forgotten about... Even though he's literally wearing the Immunity Necklace around his neck?????

Looks like there's a ~village idiot~ among your Kingdom now, ey Benji?

Meanwhile, Shonee is just looking at Benji like...

It’s time for Tribal Council, and yay, Mat on the jury!! But HOLY MOLY, if looks could kill, we reckon Benji would be dead 10x over.

Vengeance is mine.

Shane Gould blatantly tells everyone that she sabotaged the fire 'cos she was pissed off about Benji getting Mat voted out. She actually DGAF at this point and it's amazing to watch. Then Benji does this face again and I laugh thinking about that dog he looks like.


Commando, speaking more than he has this entire season, gives an inspiring speech about being in the military and small groups being up against big groups and coming out on top against all odds, so they need to have faith. Love it.

As Jonathan tells them to go vote, Shonee whips out her advantage, which gives her the ability to steal someone's vote, essentially giving her two votes.

She chooses to steal Sharn's vote. Poor Sharn! This doesn't look good for her at all...


They vote, and Jonathan reads them out...

And OMG IT'S A TIE BETWEEN SHARN AND BENJI! So it's time for a revote...




Everyone is SHOOK. Except for Commando, who's just trying not to laugh, and Mat, who doesn't even hide how hilarious he finds the sitch, saying "AH, THE IRONY!!!!"

With the shadiest contestant out of the competition, it'll be interesting to watch how the rest of Survivor plays out!

See you next week for more shenanigans!

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders Airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.