People Think Hannah Gadsby Should Have Hosted The Emmys

Petition for Hannah Gadsby to host everything awards show in future.

If there's one thing that nearly everyone could agree on about this year's Emmy awards, it's that Hannah Gadsby really should have hosted the whole damn show.

Gadsby -- who has received global praise for her Netflix special Nanette -- got on stage to present the award for best directing for a drama series.

The Australian comedian joked that she was a little bewildered that she'd managed to score a presenting gig.

"For somebody like me, a nobody from nowhere gets this sweet gig," she said.

"Free suit and new boots... just because I don’t like men!" Gadsby marvelled.

“That's a joke, of course. Just jokes, fellas, calm down” she told the cheering audience.

“Hashtag #NotAllMen… but a lot of them.”

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The actual awards were hosted by Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost and Michael Che but fans wrote on Twitter that it was clear who the real star was.

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Gadsby also made the perfect exit from the stage in Los Angeles after announcing that The Crown director Stephen Daldry had won the Emmy.

"Stephen could not be here tonight to accept the Emmy on his own behalf because... probably me," she deadpanned.

"So I think I'll just leave now. Well done him".

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