Australian Survivor 2018: Mat Never Considered Playing His Idol

We caught up with Mat following one of the most hectic Tribal Councils we've ever seen.

It was arguably one of the most intense Tribal Councils we've seen, but in Monday's Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders, Mat Rogers -- the Godfather himself -- had his torch snuffed.

"I knew they were going to come for me," Mat told ten daily following his elimination, "I wanted to get to the end with Steve, that was my goal, but I knew I was a big-time longshot to win."

From the get-go, Mat was a force to be reckoned with; an absolute beast in the physical challenges, the footy legend played a slick social game, forging alliances and eliminating threats.

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Unfortunately, Mat made himself out to be one of Benji's biggest targets, and Benji winning the immunity idol in last night's episode meant Mat was vulnerable for the first time. He just didn't know it.

"I felt like we had the numbers to vote out Brian," Mat said in reference to his alliance with Sharn, Shane and Steve. "Sharn playing both sides was what undid us," Mat said.

Really, things began to fall apart when Sharn found a clue leading her to a hidden immunity idol in the challenge. She managed to sneak off to retrieve it without the others noticing, but on her way back, it slipped out of her shorts. In front of her whole tribe.

"It just threw another element into the mix that didn't need to be there," Mat said adding, "the fact that she had an idol, it put everybody in an awkward position."

But Sharn wasn't the only one sitting at Tribal with an immunity idol in her possession. Mat had one in his bag.

"I never considered playing it," he told us.

"I was probably overconfident, but there's a lot of time that goes into Tribal Council things, they're really slow and then all of a sudden, it all happens."

"You're sitting around staring at the fire thinking, 'Let's get this over with', you just want to go back to camp and sleep."

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During the Tribal, things seemed to progress normally until -- when asked if anyone wanted to play an idol -- Sharn got up and handed hers over, announcing she was playing it on Mat's behalf. It hadn't been discussed previously.

Mat said he had "no idea" Sharn planned to play the idol on his behalf, but that wasn't the only surprise. As soon as Sharn announced her play, Benji piped up, telling her to play the idol for herself.

"To be honest I wasn’t aware you were able to do that in the game, and I sort of thought that was one of those times when you can’t talk. It was all like a real sort of shock and I guess to Benji's credit he saw his plan unravelling and he jumped up and did what he had to do," Mat said.

"It was probably the best play in the history of Survivor. He took me out and got rid of two idols."

"I actually walked out of [Tribal Council] thinking Sharn was part of it," Mat added.

Straight after the shock had settled, Mat said he wasn't holding any grudges. "I'm not going to be angry for it, that's the way the game is. I've got enough going on in my life... what's hating someone going to do about it?"

Now the third member of the jury, Mat was reunited with his competitive rival Robbie, without the competition at their heels we were curious if they were still trying to one-up each other.

"We did a fair bit of training and running up this big hill... there was still a bit of competition. But nah, he's a wonderful fella."

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders Airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.