The Bachelor 2018: Tenille Dishes On Romy And Her Decision To Leave The Mansion

“I think you can tell from how Romy was approaching me, it wasn’t to check if I was okay, there was no concern for me -- it was that she didn’t wanna let it go.”

After a “rollercoaster” journey in the Bachelor mansion, Tenille made the decision to leave of her own accord last night, after a conversation with Nick made it clear to her that her time was coming.

“It was just a feeling in my gut,” she told ten daily. “A lot of the girls had it through the season, where they’d have a discussion with Nick and they’d come and sit down and they’d go ‘I know this is my time, I’m leaving tonight’.”

After a “really good, deep conversation” about the Human Lie Detector group date, and about Tenille’s emotional barriers, Tenille said that she felt as though Nick didn’t think there was enough time for them to get to know one another under the pressure and time restraints of the mansion.

“I can appreciate [that],” she said, “but for me, I was like ‘you know what, if he really, really wanted to be with me, he’d be like ‘what can I do, we’re running out of time, what can I do to break that’, and he didn’t, and that’s fine.”

Noting that there were girls in the mansion who were “probably willing right at that point to say that they loved him”, Tenille said that “it just wasn’t gonna come from [her] at that time”.

“I was really at peace with the decision,” she said.

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After a quiet start to her Bachie journey, it was after Tenille’s single date that she found herself in the centre of the drama of reality TV.

“The first six episodes, I was just quiet, kind of did my own thing, patiently waited for a date and then when I had my single date, that’s when I sort of emerged and was brought into drama,” she said, laughing as she added: “It was like ‘Here’s Tenille!’ Here I am and you can’t miss me now!”

It was, of course, her fight with Romy that brought her out of the mansion’s shadows.

Describing the fight as coming “after a build-up of things happening”, Tenille concedes that while she may have been “a little bit too excited” coming back from her date, it was Romy’s approach that upset her.

“I think I was just so vulnerable after my single date and so happy and excited after it, maybe a little bit too excited, and I will take ownership of that, I maybe did overshare after my date, but it wasn’t with the intent to upset anyone,” she said.

Tenille noted that with two days in between her single date and the cocktail party, anyone who was upset “could’ve just come and told [her] straight to [her] face and [she] would’ve apologised”, and that she apologised to every girl in the house the day after the cocktail party.

Still, Tenille wasn’t surprised that Romy refused to give her “five minutes to cool down”.

“It’s nature from her,” she said, revealing that Romy actually came up to her for a third time that wasn’t shown on the episode, as well.

“I think you can tell from how she was approaching me, it wasn’t to check if I was okay, there was no concern for me, it was that she didn’t wanna let it go,” she said, adding that she was “shocked” in the moment by Romy’s apparent lack of empathy for how her behaviour was affecting Tenille.

Calling it “hypocritical” of Romy, Tenille recalled Romy’s own retelling of her single date: “She spoke about her kiss very openly, she had her rose between her decolletage, and Shannon went and cried in the bathroom, while Romy turned to Cat and said ‘is it bad that I don’t care?’ and yet fast-forward to my date and she wants to be the house hero, on the defence of everyone else in the house who was upset, and it’s like, that’s so hypocritical of you -- you don’t care when it’s Shannon who’s upset by what you’ve done but then you wanna point the finger at me and tell me that I’ve upset everyone in the house.”

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The reaction she’s gotten on social media has been nothing but positive, though.

“I was overwhelmed by the amount of support, it was so lovely,” she said, crediting the breaking of the fourth wall for offering up “a really vulnerable, true moment”.

“It’s quite nice to be able to see that,” she said, adding: “We know the cameras are rolling all the time, but when you’re talking to a producer, you’re off guard, even more so than when you’re filming, so it takes your guard down a little bit.”

As for whether she’d be up for more after such a rollercoaster season, Tenille was open to the idea, saying that she’d do Bachelor in Paradise if it was offered to her.

“I have heard nothing but positive things about people going on that, that it was a nicer environment than the actual Bachelor mansion, so if that’s the case, to go lay on the beach and get to know more than one guy, I don’t see how you can lose out on it,” she said.

“Obviously my only concerns are having clashes -- and I know how production works, I’m sure they’d wanna be sticking me in there with the Cats and the Romys -- but I can’t miss out on opportunities because I’m frightened of altercations, so I think absolutely I’d take the chance.”


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