Australian Survivor 2018: Samuel Says "Mat Had To Make An Example Of Me"

Despite his best efforts, the astrophysicist couldn't win his alliance's trust back.

With a heavy heart and a hug from JLP, Samuel's torch was snuffed on Tuesday's Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders.

"It was interesting, especially with the dramatic tension you have to build with me and Benji when it was decided beforehand," Samuel told ten daily following his elimination.

"You see it and think, 'What if I had said that?' You know when you replay arguments in your head? It was like that on steroids."

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With Mat -- the Godfather -- winning immunity, the power was once again firmly in his hands, and while Benji and Samuel looked to be scheming to take out Steve, the Commando, ultimately it was down to which one of them would be sent packing.

"[Mat and I] both understand that at Tribal it's part of the game, so when I thought the vote was on Benji I said I'd still put on a good show," Samuel told us. "If the vote was on Benji, we didn't want him knowing."

Unfortunately, partway through Tribal, Samuel was tipped off that the vote might not have been on Benji after all.

"I found out when Steve was being all aggressive," he admitted.

According to Samuel, Benji had gotten in the Commando's ear, telling him the astrophysicist was angling to get him out of the game for good, "Right before Tribal, when I had no chance to smooth things over," Samuel said.

When Samuel told ten daily about Benji's sneaky final move, he wasn't upset -- more than anything he sounded impressed.

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"I'm a fan of people and having those good moves," he said.

Samuel's final Tribal was a tough one from the outside, his own alliance had turned on him and doubted his loyalty after he had informed Lydia her name was being thrown around a few days prior.

"I was frustrated that I had been cast as a betrayer of trust when Mat had betrayed his own alliance," Samuel said. "If his name had been thrown to me wouldn't he have liked to know? But ultimately Mat had to make an example of me."

Throughout the competition the 26-year-old doubted his social game, especially being thrown into the mix with so many athletes, the robotics and software engineer hadn't even seen a football game before, so he worried about how he could relate to the likes of Mat and Brian.

"Thankfully I managed to talk to Mat about his son Max, who wants to be a robotics genius," he said, adding: "I've had a BBQ at his house and met Max since being back, so it's been great."

As the second member of the jury, the first thing Samuel did when he was eliminated from the game was stuff his face. "I just gorged myself senseless on food. I ate so much I did my best impression of a slug for Robbie and just laid on the floor for two hours."

Samuel promised that as the second member of the jury, he'd deliver a good show for us, serving reaction faces for days.

One thing that'll be truly missed is Samuel's gentle ribbing of Jonathan LaPaglia throughout challenges and Tribal, but the cheeky castaway told us we didn't even see the whole picture.

"I kept calling him babe and one time he called me babe back," Samuel said.

A dream come true moment.

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders Airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.