Australian Survivor 2018: Robbie Wanted To Leave As A Huge Threat

"I'm not going down like a little bitch."

He was a force to be reckoned with, a veritable wall of muscle and a beast during physical challenges, but unfortunately that wasn't enough to keep Robbie from having his torch snuffed at Monday's tribal council.

"I'm a pretty competitive guy," the 26-year-old said to ten daily following his elimination, "and if I was going to leave Survivor, I wanted to leave as a huge threat".

"I didn't want to be blindsided. I wanted [tribemates] to come up to me and say they were putting my name down because I was a huge threat," he said, "So I was pretty happy with how I went out."

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A fan for years, Robbie said he saw his mate Henry on season two of the series, which prompted him to finally apply. "It's the kind of thing you never think of applying for because you wouldn't get on," he said.

Finding out the theme was Contenders Versus Champions only pushed him further into the competition, with the promise of going up against some true Aussie icons.

"Some of these iconic athletes I was in awe of going up against," he explained, after facing off against Mat Rogers several times throughout the competition, "I just wanted to make myself proud."

It was a final conversation with Mat that really felt like Robbie's fate was sealed, but he never gave up, saying "I'm not going down like a little bitch".

"I never believed I was going home until my torch was snuffed out," Robbie told ten daily, as he desperately tried -- almost begged -- for anyone on the fence to vote with him, to vote out what he saw as the bigger threat. "I was trying to get anyone on my side saying Mat won more challenges, he's the bigger threat."

Looking back on how he played his game, Robbie admits he was slightly naive to the lying and backstabbing that was going on at camp. "[In the game] you gotta play to your strengths," he said, "my strengths were the physical challenges... I'd use those to my advantage."

"But I also learned a lot about the gameplay and the social aspects."

The construction manager forged a quick alliance -- deemed the "bromance alliance" -- with fellow Contenders Zach and Benji, but when push came to shove, Benji was forced to write his closest ally's name down.

"I didn't expect that," Robbie said, "but there was a huge target on my head, and unless we 100 percent had the numbers it would have looked bad for him. So I knew if he put my name down he was doing so to save his own skin."

While Robbie seemed pretty understanding, a lot of fans were pretty upset with Benji throwing his mate under the bus to once again save his own skin.

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Benji's vote also revealed the pair's nicknames for each other: Pump and Fluff.

"That came from day one or two when we were trying to make fire," Robbie explained, "we didn't have flint yet so Benji was fluffing the fire and I was pumping the sticks really hard."

While it may have been Robbie's final Tribal Council as a castaway, it also meant he became the first member of the jury, which he described as "bittersweet".

"Obviously I got first pick of the bed, all the food... but I'm a competitive person, I wanted to go all the way, so it was bittersweet."

The change from island life to jury living was a welcome change for Robbie, he explained, "It was so good to have a shower and eat some good food" as well as knowing he wasn't entirely out of the game.

"Knowing I can still participate and vote, I can still see people... yeah, it was bittersweet."

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders Airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.