Australian Survivor 2018: A Rivalry For The Ages

Spoilers inside.

Happy Monday Survivor day!!

After only having just recovered from last week’s episodes, which saw our tribes merge as well as the shock elimination of fan fave Lydia, we kick off this week with our favourite happy campers -- #Shonella!!!

Legends only!!

They talk about how stoked they are to be to be back together and how much they’ve both managed to “find cracks and float their way to the top”. We actually adore these two and will be SHATTERED when we're forced to witness the day that these BFFs are separated (again).

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Benji is back on his bullsh*t as he schemes to take down Mat, and he uses yet another strange analogy to describe it -- something about painting a masterpiece but needing to mix paints beforehand??

Sharn is still off it that her pal Lydia was voted out, and decides she‘ll be using an alliance with Benji as her backup plan if things turn sour with Mat and Commando.

Following their discussion, Sharn chats to Commando and Mat, where they all decide it’s time to target Robbie and don't you even dare!!!

They’ve got tree mail!!

It says that the tribe should send someone “who will do the right thing”, and they nominate Sharn. So off she heads alone down the garden path where she finds food and a note with a moral dilemma.

It says that she can either take the big bag of veggies for her tribe, or, she can take the smaller bag as well as a secret advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. After deciding that it’s now every man for themselves and it could up her chance at staying in the game, she goes with option two.

Turns out, the advantage is that in the challenge she will only have to carry half the weight that the others will carry -- which is a MASSIVE advantage.

She comes back to the tribe and lies, saying she was offered a plate of biscuits but went with vegetables for the tribe.

But Sam is seeing RIGHT through her and tells in a confessional that he knows she’s pulling a fast one on them. He asks her which choccy bickies she was offered, and she tells him “Tim Tams.” So he therefore knows she MUST lying because no one in their right mind would pass on Tim Tams, ever. Let’s be real!!!

It’s time for the Immunity Challenge, and each contestant must hold up a disc that contains a weighted sandbag for as long as possible.

Mon is the first to go, followed by Shonee, Shane and Fenella, leaving Sharn (and her secret advantage) as the last of the girls standing. They start dropping like flies, and 20 minutes in we’ve got Benji, Sharn, Mat, and Robbie left.

Benji calls it quits, then Robbie -- and in a shock move, Mat asks Sharn if “she wants it” and offers to drop it if she wants to win, she says it’s up to him, so he drops it, leaving her as the winner and once again safe from elimination.

Mat and Robbie have a chat, and Robbie calls him out saying he knows they want to vote him out, and Mat just keeps casually eating his papaya and is like, “Just want to tell you that if tonight goes down and you’re not here tomorrow, it’s been great hanging out with ya.” The savagery is real, friends.

Mat also tells Robbie there’ll be a split vote between him and someone else -- but they haven’t decided who.

Benji decides that he’s going to try to save Robbie -- not because he’s a great friend, but because having Robbie there is imperative to his own game. Classic Benji!

Also, Sam is PISSED OFF because Lydia was voted out when he didn’t want her to be, and he feels like everyone just ignores what he says and is just being used as a pawn for someone else’s game. Robbie and Benji use this to their advantage and attempt to rope Sam into the Bromance Alliance.

Let’s hope his newfound fury brings out the player in Sam!!

Meanwhile, Benji tells Mat that he’ll vote for Robbie using a nickname, but we can’t even tell when Benji is lying or not anymore.


There's the usual talk of their thoughts on tonight's council, and again Robbie says he knows there's a target on his head. Also, Benji basically outs himself for being a snake, admitting he just keeps people around to help his own game.

They vote, and Jonathan declares the first two votes are for Robbie. There's one for Mat and for Benji -- but in the end, it's dear sweet angel face Robbie who must leave.

Hear that? That's the sound of thousands of hearts being shattered across Australia.

Farewell Robbie! We'll miss your chiselled abs you. But don't stress, 'cos we'll still be seeing him on our screens as the first member of the Jury!

See you all tomorrow!

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.