Heads Up: Changing Rooms Is Coming To Ten Next Year

Welcome back, Changing Rooms!

Hold onto your hammers: Changing Rooms is returning to the small screen.

Set to debut on Ten in early 2019, the new Changing Rooms promises to revamp the insanely popular series, which ran for 17 seasons in the UK, as well as being spun-off into Australian and New Zealand franchises.

For those of you unfamiliar with the premise, here's the deal: Couples swap houses with their loved ones, be it family, friends, neighbours, whoever. They each redecorate a bunch of rooms in the house -- taking guidance from designers -- and then reveal their handy work during the big reveal.

The results can be... truly wild. Think 'multiple walls being hollowed out for fish tanks' and 'entire hallway of flowers' kind of wild:

And sometimes, just when you think you've nailed it, disaster can strike, like this time Linda destroyed an entire collection of antique teapots:

"You wanted a corner cabinet, I gave you a nice, modern, hanging shelf..."

While the host is yet to be announced, Network Ten's Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey, is excited about the show's return.

“Our new show will capture the essence and appeal of the original format and re-energise it, with strong storylines and more kitchen and bathroom reveals, which are proven favourites with Australian viewers,” she said.

Changing Rooms proved that renovation could be more than informative: it could also be full of fun, big characters and tension. We cannot wait to bring our exciting new version to viewers."

We can't wait!

Feature image: BBC