The Bachelor 2018: Romy Reveals She 'Made The Right Decision' Rejecting The Rose

"It didn't really make sense for me why I left, it was very impulsive."

During one of the most explosive Cocktail Parties on The Bachelor it all came undone for Romy, Cat and Alisha, or the Tripod as they called themselves.

Following Tenille's chat with Nick, Cat was ousted before the Rose Ceremony kicked off, but in a surprise ending he offered his final rose to Romy... which she rejected.

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Reflecting on the decision to leave Romy told ten daily, "Despite what everyone's going to think, it wasn't these two girls," referring to Cat and Alisha.

"That was obviously a big part of it, but at the time... it didn't really make sense for me why I left, it was very impulsive," she said, "I hadn't planned it; I hadn't packed my bags."

But after leaving the house, Romy says it all made sense.

"I didn't know dad was sick at the time... I got home, saw my dad, and the next morning my dad had a stroke," she told Fitzy and Wippa.

"He was stroking for nine hours through the night on his own," she said.

Her father is now apparently unable to communicate after suffering from a stroke the day after Romy made the decision to leave The Bachelor, with her adding "I had one last conversation with my dad... it all made sense after that."

Listen to the full chat with Fitzy and Wippa here, or check out our chat with the Tripod in the video above.