The Bachelor 2018: Romy, Cat And Alisha Get Real About Reality TV

After the editing, after the rose ceremonies, what happens to the real people?

If you've been watching The Bachelor this season, then these three need no introduction. The Snakes, the Heathers or -- as they like to call themselves -- the Tripod of Cat, Romy and Alisha stirred up more than their fair share of trouble.

But what is it actually like to wake up one morning and find yourself the villain of a reality TV show? What happens when you're central to one of the most fiery Rose Ceremonies of The Bachelor? What happens when you get sent home... in a toga?

The cocktail party saw Nick confronting Cat following a chat with Tenille, and asking her to leave even before the rose ceremony. Rattled, Romy and Alisha went into the rose ceremony expecting the worst. But when Romy was given the last rose she made the snap decision to refuse, sending all three of the triumverate home.

We caught up with the trio to hear what they had to say.

"The whole experience from the start has been pretty full-on," Cat told ten daily, adding, "if you've been pegged as the villain, no one's supposed to like you, so of course they're not going to show us having a laugh with the girls or giving someone advice or having a good chat with Nick."

"You've got 25 women in the house who are all wanting to play Cinderella. Not everyone's going to be able to be that person," she said.

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"The fact is that we all sort of gravitated toward each other in the house," Alisha told us, "we're all a bit cheeky, we like to push the boundaries a bit. As a result, we're the girls in the house that have opinions and we're not afraid to share them."

"I think some of the girls in the house were a little bit more reticent to put their thoughts out there in case they got the villain edit," Alisha said.

Romy, on the other hand, took a bit of convincing to come out of her shell. Barely featured in the first episode she had her bags packed, petrified and not sure what she was doing on the show.

"Cat pulled me into the bathroom and was like, 'What are you doing? Let's just have fun'," Romy said.

While speaking to the trio, there's a sense that they've been through the wars. They're not claiming they're victims of bad editing, just that they're aware of the process.

"I've watched these shows for years and years and years," Alisha said, "I love reality TV and I watch it for the drama. I think quite a few viewers watch it for the drama.

Because what is reality TV without drama? It's probably more real, but a lot less interesting.

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"A single date is lovely," Alisha said, before Cat quickly added, "Boringgg".

"I want to see that cocktail party get absolutely messy!" Alisha continued, "I'm like sitting through the first 40 minutes and I'm like oh you're on a motorbike, oh there's some bees... c'mon, let's get some champagne glasses in these hands! Let's turn this up a bit! I live for the drama," she laughed.

"I didn't sign up for The Bachelor to have a boring experience, I wanted to go bloody skydiving and -- if I met the love of my life that would be a bonus -- but that's why I became friends with these two gals," Alisha said of Romy and Cat, "they're smart, they're savvy and they would speak! A lot of girls wouldn't."

The trio managed to stir up trouble, but many viewers saw them crossing the line, seeing them talk about the other girls in the house during testimonials, or often just out loud at the cocktail parties.

"We're being called bitches because we're being upfront and honest and saying things how they are," Cat said, "whereas other girls in the house are having these conversations, being mean, but doing it behind closed doors."

"I'd rather someone always be upfront to my face than say it behind closed doors."

Maybe they were expecting to ruffle a few feathers, perhaps they thought people wouldn't be their biggest fans, but the added social media side of things has been the biggest shock to the trio -- especially Romy and Cat.

"I can't believe how vicious people are being," Romy said, "I'm gobsmacked at the aggression Cat and I are receiving."

Both have turned comments off their Instagram accounts following an outpouring of comments, including death threats and insults.

"I have a great support network of friends and family but when you wake up -- I couldn't sleep last night -- I'm getting death threats at 2 am in the morning," Cat said.

"Sometimes I watch this stuff and I'm like, f**k, am I a bad person?" Alisha said.

"Like, I’m watching this edited footage and I've got to remind myself that this is 10-15 minutes at a cocktail party."

"I know who I am, and I'm proud of who I am and yeah I bloody said a couple of things that were on the nose but... it's reality TV," Alisha told us.

Romy agreed, saying she also struggles to watch episodes, "I'm left like holy shit... I don't like watching it, it doesn't make me feel nice."

While the tripod are still grappling with their newfound roles as three women Australia love to hate, the question hangs in the air... would they consider jumping back into a similar scenario, say, for example, Bachelor in Paradise?

Without hesitation or concern, Alisha chimed in with a joyous "100 percent".

"Sorry, I'm such a keen bean I'm like 'sign me up for everything'!"

While Cat and Romy took a little more convincing, both being on the fence after seeing the backlash to their villainy, Alisha was having none of it.

"Come and have some piña coladas with me mate," she joked, adding, "the Daily Mail says I've already negotiated my contract so..."

"If I made the decision to go on Bachelor in Paradise, I'd probably have a different approach, and hopefully get the chance to show Australia that I have a lot more sides to me," Cat said.

The designer thought about it a bit more and added, "It's a shame that no one got to see that. And... I'm going to keep doing my jewellery business and go to Bali," she laughed.

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