House Of Cards Buries Their Kevin Spacey Problem In New Tease

That's one way to deal with controversy.

When Netflix announced that they had fired Kevin Spacey from the final season of House of Cards, there was one tricky little thing people couldn't quite work out... how was the show going to manage with firing the lead character of the series?

Well, in the latest teaser, we get a very clear idea of just how that's going to happen:

Yep, the President is dead. Long live the President.

A few people noticed that the short clip echoed a scene from the premiere episode of Season 3 where Frank delivered the same spiel to his father's grave, which he is now buried next to.

The only difference we know so far is that while Frank was delivering his line to the gravestone, he was also taking a whopping great wee on his father's headstone.

So now we know how the show is handling Spacey's departure... the REAL question of Season 6 is... does Claire take wiz on Frank's grave?

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The reaction has been mixed to the teaser with some taking the "dancing on the grave" to be a little too literal in the wake of Spacey's rough career following the allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct. Others believed it was the right path for the show to take by allowing Robin Wright to take centre stage for the final season.

The sixth and final season of House of Cards will hit Netflix on November 2.

Featured image: Netflix.