The Bachelor 2018: Ashlea Says 'It Just Wasn’t Right Between Us'

"Everything was laid out on the table..."

As we were introduced to intruders Deanna, Jamie Lee and Brittney this week, we said goodbye to Rihannon and Ashlea.

Describing her time on The Bachelor as “confronting” and “exciting”, Ashlea told ten daily that she had “a really great experience” on the show, despite the fact that a lot of her time seemed to fly under the radar of the producers.

“I was a little bit disappointed that there was no chat shown between Nick and I, because we genuinely had great conversations together,” Ashlea said. “I think there are a fair few of us, including myself, that weren’t shown overly much, that do have big personalities, but at the end of the day, there were 25 of us, you can only make [two episodes] a week, they made what they made and you kind of just have to accept that”.

Ashlea recalled a conversation between her and Nick where she told him about her 9-year-old son Jayden.

Ashlea and Nick connected during a chat that wasn't shown on the show. Image: Network Ten.

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“You see me with a big happy smile on my face because it was genuinely a a wonderful conversation that we had,” she shared. “I got to share some really great moments and some photos, and we spent a great amount of time together with no interruptions, so it was just a really nice moment for the both of us. It would’ve been really great to see.”

It was during another conversation with Nick that Ashlea made peace with the fact that she may have been going home at that night’s rose ceremony, also. “We spoke a lot about what we’re wanting, future-wise,” she revealed, adding that “everything was laid out on the table”.

Ashlea said that Nick was aware that the time she was spending away from her son was precious, and although the pair had a “fun connection”, it may not have been enough to keep her away from her son any longer. “At the end of the day, it just wasn’t right between us,” she explained. “There’s no point in pursuing something where there’s fireworks with other people and there’s a light flame there. So I got to go home to my little man.”

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Like Rihannon, Ashlea also had nothing but nice things to say about Cat, Romy and Alisha, who have been at the centre of the majority of this season’s fights. “I love them, I absolutely love them,” she said. “I cannot say a bad word about those girls.”

Explaining that there are “two sides to every story”, Ashlea said that what we’re seeing of the trio “only reflects part of who they are” and that she “couldn’t think of better girls to have as friends”.

Calling the public response to the way the girls have been portrayed on the show “absolutely disgusting”, she added: “nobody knows the real people and if they did, they wouldn’t be saying those things”.

“They have extremely strong personalities, they have opinions, they’re not afraid to tell you that, which is a quality that I genuinely respect,” she explained. “It’s a shame that they’ve been painted in that light, but at the same time, all three of them are strong enough to get past it.”

After applying to “get out of the dating world on the Gold Coast” and “to get out of [her) comfort zone, Ashlea is now focusing on her new business, a lingerie line called Ora Intimates.

“It’s currently in the production stage, we should have a release in four weeks time, so I’m extremely excited about that,” she said. “It’s all luxury laces, soft bralettes, g-strings, that type of thing. It was a passion of mine for many years and I’ve been finally able to implement it.”