The Bachelor 2018: Rhiannon Talks About Not Receiving A Rose And THAT Kiss

"The kiss part definitely wasn’t AS BAD in person as it was watching it, to be honest..."

After a very awkward moment with Nick on their single date last week, this week saw Nick choose to give roses to all three intruders, sending Rihannon and Ashlea home.

“I kind of expected to be leaving in the near future,” Rihannon told ten daily. Still, she said, it was somewhat of a surprise to not receive a rose at last night’s ceremony, “just because of the intruder situation”.

“It was funny actually, because I was thinking ‘oh, these girls aren’t even a threat, a couple of them will definitely go home’, which is hilarious because I ended up leaving!” she added, laughing.

She’s also laughed off her awkward moment with Nick during their single date last week.

“The kiss part definitely wasn’t AS BAD in person as it was watching it, to be honest,” she said. “We ended up laughing it off, we were joking around at the end.”

Adding that “there’s a lot that you don’t see,” Rihannon explained that there was another part of their date that landed on tenplay, and that of the 20 questions they chatted over, we “just saw the one [she) stumbled on”.

In fact, Rihannon said that it wasn’t until she was talking about the date with the producers afterwards that she “started freaking out”, mostly about how the kiss scene would play out on TV.

“I started thinking ‘this could come across really badly, like, I need to move countries!’ And then I started to get upset,” she explained, adding that she’d “been up since 1:30 that morning”.

Aside from the “exhausting, massive” day, Rihannon said that hearing about Cat’s date also played into her own non-kiss with Nick.

“I knew about Cat’s situation with Nick, so that’s why I said ‘I kinda wanna give you a kiss but I don’t know if you do,’ or whatever I said,” she explained. “It was already on my mind in the back of my head.”

She continued: “Obviously I didn’t think he was going to hesitate or say no, I probably wouldn’t have asked if I thought that was gonna happen! But in saying that, it was still a nice day, and we had fun.”

As it turns out, Rihannon didn’t have much to worry about when it came to how the audience reacted to their awkward moment.

“Obviously a lot of people on social media were like ‘OH MY GOD, SO AWKWARD!!!’ but a lot of people were writing to me and saying, ‘oh my God, I can relate to you, that’s so funny, that’s something I would do,’ so I think people kind of related to me a little bit even though they were cringing through it. Everyone’s had a moment on a date where they’re like ‘oh my God, this isn’t going the way I thought it would’,” she shared.

She’s also glad that the editors chose to break the fourth wall, leaving in a moment where Rihannon was seen speaking with a producer about the awkwardness of the date.

“At least I got to explain myself, being like ‘that was awkward’,” she said, adding: “it’s better than me walking out being like ‘that date was amazing!’” Awkward moments aside, Rihannon described her Bachelor journey as “a really good experience” overall, and told us that she’d “made some really cool friends” during her time in the house.

In fact, forming those new friendships was one of the reasons she applied. “At the time when I applied I felt like I was in a little bit of a rut,” she explained. “I was just kind of floating through and all my friends have settled down, so I thought it would be a good way to put myself out there and meet someone -- if it wasn’t gonna be the Bachelor, then you meet a whole bunch of different girls and that can open up opportunities to meet someone later on. Even just doing things together after the season, you know, just to be a little bit more social with people who are in the same headspace as you.”

Rihannon told us that while she was “pretty much friends with everybody” in the mansion, she was closest to Ashlea, Cat, Romy and Alisha, as well as Brooke an Dasha.

Of Cat, Romy and Alisha, who’ve been central to this season’s drama, Rihannon told us they were “getting a bad rap” and that they “have good hearts”.

“Watching it back, obviously I know they do have a good side and I was there when they said nice things about people too,” she explained, noting that she saw them “lift up” some of the women.

“They would pump them up for a date, they would help style them, they were always really encouraging,” she continued. “No one’s seen their good side.”

As for what’s next for Rihannon, she said that she’s “really open to whatever opportunity” comes her way. “I’m definitely ready for a change in all aspects of my life,” she finished.