Australian Survivor 2018: The Cracks Begin To Show

Spoilers insiiiiiide!

Hi friends! Welcome to another week of Survivor.

ICYMI last week, the Champs decided it was time for Tegan to go -- but only after a tribal twist saw the Contenders deciding whether or not they’d like to keep her in the game and return her to her OG tribe.

They didn’t, so that was awkward!!

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We kick off tonight’s ep with Mat and Commando discovering a beehive filled with honey, as well as hundreds of angry-sounding bees.

Mat offers to “go up and chop it down” to get the honey, and honestly, these guys must be freaking starving ‘cos you couldn’t pay me enough to go piss off a bunch of bees and steal their honey. Nope, would rather not die thank you very much.

Anyway, Commando starts creating a fire under the beehive to burn the bees or to smoke them out maybe??? I don’t know, I am not a beekeeper, I don’t know how these things work.

Surprisingly, Commando's plan actually works -- despite nearly burning down the island, but hey, they get their honey, so happy days!!!

Back at camp, our queen of sarcasm Shonee reveals that she's finding life with the Champs difficult.

She tells us, “We have four athletes, one genius, and myself. So as you can imagine I’m fitting in just fine!” and that’s a huge mood.

They also start talking about suitcases and she tells us in a confessional how boring that is for her because she’s used to “every second word being dick” back at the Contenders tribe, and we're struggling to think how that's any better but ok??

She also says she would rather watch two seasons of Antiques Roadshow then hang out with her new tribe, and now we feel genuinely sorry for her because absolutely no one wants to do that, except probably this lady:

Shonee realises if she wants to stay in the game she has to actually do something around the camp and attempt to make friends with her tribe, so after 29 days of doing f**k all, she fries some coconuts and pretends to be interested when Mat talks about planets.

Give this woman her Michelin star now.

Back at Contenders camp, Benji again says he “dethroned the queen” and I swear to God if he says that one more time!!!!!

Fenella and Heath are pissed off that everyone voted off Tegan, because they've kind of screwed themselves over for numbers. Heath also says Benji is only thinking about himself, which is absolutely true.

Fenella tells Sharn and Monika that the boys will throw them under the bus, and says they should rep #GirlPower and be strong women together. She also gives us the old Aussie reality TV proverb “game on moles!” so we’re living for that.

Ohhh yeaaaah, it’s time for the Immunity Challenge!!

As usual, there’s blocks, ropes, sandbags and various other paraphernalia that they have to pull, throw, roll, followed by a word puzzle!

The Champs win again, so Contenders will be moseying on back to yet another Tribal Council.

Benji says they should get rid of Heath and "dethrone the king" and honestly I just can't even anymore... 

Meanwhile, Heath ain't no fool and knows he's on the chopping block, so he tries to strike a deal with the gals. He tells them that he's a free agent with no alliances, so as long as his name isn't down he'll vote for whoever they want.

Sharn suggests Robbie, and they all agree -- but like I'm confused as to why they'd take down the muscle (and eye candy) of the tribe when they could get rid of Benji and his ridiculous made-up Ameristralian accent???

Heath reckons Lydia will chicken out on voting for Robbie, and he's spot on 'cos like five seconds later she rats him out to Robbie.

Robbie confronts Heath, who then says that Monika was the one suggesting to vote for him, and it's basically turned into a big game of "who do we throw under the bus today??"

Heath and Robbie then agree to vote for Monika, and tbh we can't keep up on who everyone is actually voting for and who they're lying about voting for.  Seriously, it's one big hot mess but we are messy bitches so we live for this drama.

IT'S TRIBAL COUNCIL TIME...  and we're nervous AF because we have no idea how this is going to turn out...


It soon starts POURING with rain on the Contenders, and it really adds to the whole ominous mood that's going on tonight. They're just all sitting there chilling in this monsoonal weather and meanwhile Fenella's just like:

Jonathan counts the votes...

There are two votes for Robbie, two votes for Heath -- and we really don't wanna see either of these guys go but this is Survivor and we know in our hearts that it needs to be this way.

He tallies the final votes -- the tribe has spoken, and it's Heath's time to go.

Everyone's kind of sad, except Benji who looks like a cartoon supervillain.


BUT there's no time to dwell on it 'cos in tomorrow's sneak peek it's revealed that THE TRIBES WILL BE MERGING!!!!

We can't wait!!

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders Airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.