The Bachelor 2018: Vanessa Sunshine Doesn't Hate Everything

"For lack of a better statement, I give zero f**ks," she said. "I just really don’t feel the need to justify myself to everybody."

On tonight's Bachelor, we lost a legend. The one, the only, the incomparable Vanessa Sunshine.

Speaking to ten daily over the phone from her home in Melbourne, Vanessa Sunshine informed us that it was actually not so sunny there when we spoke.

Quick to become of the season's most polarising figures, it seemed that everyone had an opinion on Vanessa Sunshine, but love her or hate her, Vanessa seems to have taken it all in stride.

"After the first episode [aired], I was like,  'Ahhh! Whyyyy!!'" she told us, "but then after that it was fine".

Describing the whole journey as "quite surreal", she said that it was "a little bit odd" to see herself on television and to be recognised, but at the end of the day "you're never gonna win everyone over and that's fine".

Still, she said, it was nice to see people changing their minds about her as the show went on and recognising that she was "just being herself".

"Obviously I was a different kind of woman thrown into the mix this season, but at the end of the day, I was 100% true to myself," she said, adding: "I didn’t compromise my morals and values, I didn’t get caught up in cliquiness or group dynamics. I wasn't interested in that."

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"For lack of a better statement, I give zero f**ks," she said. "I just really don’t feel the need to justify myself to everybody. I’m very aware that I’m different, I always have been, and I’m totally okay and comfortable with that, because I know who I am, I know my value and worth, and I can back myself. No one’s gonna take that from me."

Despite the lack of f**ks to give, though, Vanessa assured us that despite what the show would have us believe, she does not, in fact, hate everything.

"I don’t hate everything!" she exclaimed with a laugh. "I love lots of things and people, but it’s a different environment that you’re in, and I’m very particular in my normal life about who I choose to spend my time around."

In fact, Vanessa struggled to list five things she actually hates when asked.

"Um, I hate plastic pollution, I hate racism," she began. "Umm... the list really isn't that long!"

"I hate bullying," she continued. "I’m trying to think what foods I really hate... Oh, I do hate anchovies, and I hate people who throw their rubbish when there’s a bin right there. Littering, I hate littering!"

On the topic of bullying, Vanessa was outspoken, and quick to slam Cat, Romy, and Alisha for their behaviour in the house.

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Initially labelled the 'Snakes' of the house by Cayla, Vanessa would prefer not to give them a title, explaining that it "kind of glorifies their behaviour".

She continued: "What they’re doing is flat out, blatant bullying, and I think that behaviour is disgusting." 

Vanessa slammed Cat, Romy and Alisha as insecure people who "get their confidence, their self-validation and their self-worth... by belittling, berating and bullying other people."

"They can sugarcoat it whatever way they want, but at the end of the day, that’s what it is; it’s bullying and I don’t like that," she said.

"They're just not people I would ever associate myself with," she continued.

"Look, I’ll be real cutthroat," she said. "Cat, Romy and Alisha, for me, I think their behaviour purely stems from their own insecurities, because why do you care what I think? Why do you care what I think of another man, what do you care what my opinion is? It in no way directly impacts them at all. If you’re so confident in what you’ve got, you shouldn’t give a shit what I think!"

But the trio did care what she thought, specifically what she thought of Nick, as they criticised her for not appearing interested in him.

Asked if she was interested in him or not, Vanessa said that she "was just kind of trying to figure out if he was or wasn’t for me, just as he was doing for me."

She went on to explain that for her, things aren't all about "the physicality" of attraction. She said: "For me, you could be hot, but I can’t build a life and a future with hotness! What am I supposed to do? Like, 'oh you’re hot, good for you!' But if that’s all you’ve got and that’s all you’re bringing to the table, it’s not enough."

"It’s very rare for me to look at a man and to be like ‘yep, I want that! I’m gonna jump that’," she said. "It’s not how I work. It just takes me a little bit of time. For me, conversation is the biggest turn on, it’s how he treats me, how I treat him, it’s all these little things and then I start to be like 'Oh! I’m like, into you!’ and then that attraction builds for me."

She suggested that editing played a role in creating her disinterested persona, too, adding with a laugh: "Clearly any time I smiled or made any emotion, the editors didn’t put that in!"

Asked if she's interested in participating in the spin-off we're going to pitch called Sunshine in Paradise, where she's glamping alone on an island, Vanessa laughed.

"Well, hopefully there’s some guys there!" she said.

She told us she'd "definitely be open to anything" that came her way as a result of the show, adding:  "I think I would’ve much rather been in Nick’s position because you have a little bit more control, and I kinda like… having control!"

Finally, we asked her if she'd have brunch with us sometime.

"Of course I would! I won’t have linner, but I’ll do brunch!" she laughed.


Feature image: Ten