The Bachelor 2018: Blair Dishes On Her Clash With "Two-Faced" Romy

Blair said that while Vanessa Sunshine and energy healer Cayla were misjudged by the house, Romy "really just wasn't a nice person".

Although Nick seemed receptive to her basketball play at last week's cocktail party, we found ourselves on the phone with Blair after she didn't receive a rose at last night's ceremony.

Asked whether she was as surprised as we were at her elimination, she joked: "No, I wasn’t that shocked at the rose ceremony, I mean, I lost one of my dress sleeves that night! So I wasn’t that surprised when I lost my chance with Nick, as well!" clarifying with a laugh, "No, my dress only had one sleeve."

Of course, the majority of Blair's screentime wasn't for her time spent with our Honey Badger, but rather, for her clashes with the Snakes of the house, particularly Romy.

Blair told ten daily that she was initially friends with Romy, Cat and Alisha, but soon found that "it just became really difficult".

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Noting that Romy "really just wasn't a nice person", she said that she distanced herself from her and Cat because she "didn't really want to be associated with those kinds of people". Instead, she told us, Blair bonded with Juliana, who was "the yin to her yang" and Shannon, who was "hilarious and so fun".

"I just didn’t like it how [Romy] was just so nice to people’s faces and then just really kind of like, two-faced," she explained, adding: "I’m just not that kind of person -- if you’re not gonna say it to their face, don’t say it at all."

And there were more arguments behind the scenes between the girls that we didn't get to see, Blair revealed. Calling them "unnecessary", she said that there were "things said that just shouldn't be said".

"Romy was calling Cayla the girl from The Ring, that kind of stuff," she explained, calling the situation "cruel" and "horrible".

"[Cayla] was a very different person to everyone else in the house but she was really, really nice," Blair said. "She was one of those people that it does take a little bit to warm up to, but then once you get to know her, she’s actually really funny and cool."

Another person misjudged by the house, Blair said, was Vanessa Sunshine, who was recently dubbed "the queen of the snakes" by the other snakes (who... don't know they're being called snakes? Confusing!).

"Vanessa was really, really nice. We were roomies!" Blair said. 

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"She wasn’t a rude person or mean to anybody if they didn’t deserve it," she continued. Of Vanessa's relationship to the Snakes, she said: "She’s got a reason to be mean towards them."

Despite not getting a rose last night, Blair wouldn't do anything differently, given a do-over.

"Everything that I did, I did it for a reason, and whether or not it worked out in a positive or negative way, that’s who I am as a person, so I wouldn’t change it," she said.

And although she wishes she could've had more time to show how fun she can be, Blair said that she'd "definitely do it again!"

"It was so much fun, and like, meeting all of the girls and seeing how everything works, it was great," she said.


Feature image: Ten