Australian Survivor 2018: Baked Dinners And Backstabbing

Spoilers inside.

Welcome back to another day of Survivor: Champions v Contenders.

Last night, we finally heard Jonathon utter the words we’ve all been waiting for: “Drop your buffs!”

Immediately following the reshuffle of our two tribes, the team dynamics were thrown into disarray and it was Rubik's cube champ poker player Jackie who was sent packing.

Australian Survivor 2018: Jackie opens up about social media backlash and rubik's cubes

We kick off tonight’s ep with the ever-growing bromance between Benji and Robbie. They’re walking down the beach, saying they want to be with each other ‘til the very end of the game, all while chowing down on some 'cheeky papaya.'

It’s all very cute and romantic, tbh.


It’s now day 27, and our guru Lydia is teaching her new teammates the art of yoga. It’s all very ~zen~ as they all practice on the beach to the gentle sounds of the ocean.

But this is Survivor, so there’s always an ulterior motive -- and Lydia reveals that this is all part of her strategy to make herself indispensable to the Contenders.

We also have a new queen and it's Sharn -- mostly ‘cos she’s playing Benji hard in pretending to be his mate while revealing in a confessional that she “wants to knock him down a few pegs”, and we love that!!

Mat still doesn’t trust old mate Brian, and given that his partner-in-crime Jackie is gone, could this spell the end of his undie-roasting antics?

In yet another bizarre Brian moment, he spots Jackie’s clothes left at camp and the tribe convince him to wear it to the next challenge to confuse the everyone. Brian basically goes along with it because he knows he’s on the outs and thinks being a “yes man” will help him stay in the game. Classic Brian.

Do you think they'll notice?

IT’S CH-CH-CHALLENGE TIME! And not only is Brian rocking Jac’s clothes, he’s now wearing his undie-band headband for the challenge, which is… it's something else.

It's called fashion sweetie, Google it.

Jono reveals that today’s reward for the winning tribe will be a Sunday roast with all the trimmings -- including a bottle of wine, and everyone is FROTHING on the prospect of throwing down a glass of vino.

Our faves Mat and Robbie are first up and engage in some cute banter, with Mat telling Robbie “you look like something out of a bloody magazine,” and Rob replies “Mate, look at you!” and we love our supportive boys. <3

The Contenders take out the win in the end -- and Fenella is all of us when she declares, “I just want a roast tatey!” Because same.

The roast dinner buffet honestly looks drool-worthy AF -- though we’re not too keen on the prospect of watching Benji woof down food like a ravenous beast all over again.

Over dinner, Lydia tells her new pals the back story of how she became an aerial skier, and she reveals that she didn’t know how to ski when she decided to become pro. Only 18 months after learning how to ski, she was competing in her first Olympics!

Jeez Lydia, way to make us feel bad for our poor life choices...

Meanwhile, is it just us, or is Robbie is absolutely smitten with Lydia and the fact that she's good at EVERYTHING??

Later on, as the rest of the camp is sound asleep, Benji decides that some ungodly hour in the night is the perf time to look for the Immunity Idol on the west most isle. Alone. In the dark. In the water...

Honestly, if this scenario doesn’t make for the ultimate horror film we don’t know WTF does…

THEN, HE SOMEHOW FINDS THE IMMUNITY IDOL??!!!! And he again says “he’s going to rule this kingdom” and omg stop pls.


There’s monkey bars, obstacle carts, tires, and puzzles, and again we’re already confused at what tf they actually have to do but hey, we’re excited anyway!

Jonathan then reveals to our competitors that there’ll be a ~TWiSt~ coming with this challenge…

The winning tribe will actually get to WATCH the other tribe as they duke it out at Tribal Council -- which would be a massive advantage.

The Contenders are off to a flying start,  and sorry, but can we take a second to appreciate how much of a damn beast Lydia is?! Honestly, she makes this look like a piece of cake when we’d be struggling to even grip the first monkey bar.


It’s a SUPER close game but the Contenders win!!!

There are tears and cheers from both sides -- the tears mostly coming from Tegan who is devo AF about losing the challenge. She says that she and Shonee are “literally fighting for their lives” and what??

It’s a truly bizarre scene back at the Champs camp, ‘cos no one is talking to each other and it all just seems incredibly awkward.

As Shonee and Teags head off to get water, Sam spills that he and Brian are aiming to take out Shonee, while Shane, Steve, and Mat are going for Tegan. But can they trust undie man Brian???

In what’s probably the first thing we’ve actually seen Brian do besides takes ‘Brian time’ and roast his underwear on the campfire, he starts creating an alliance with Tegan and attempts to convince Shane to shift her loyalties.

Sam then tells Teags that they’re basically going to vote for either her or Shonee, and she cries again. But there’s no time to get upset -- so she goes into damage control, throwing Brian under the bus to Mat in the hopes it’ll save herself and Shonee.

She’s basically stirring sh*t up HARD in the Champs tribe, and we’re living for it.

Her plan seems to work, ‘cos Mat and Commando are fricken PISSED over Brian’s shifty behaviour, so it’s looking like now they’ll eliminate him out of the equation.

It’ssssss Tribal time!!!!

And almost instantly Tegan throws Brian RIGHT UNDER THE BUS again.

Bus meet Brian.

It's honestly savage and we love it -- and so do the Contenders who have a front row seat to this whole mud-slinging match.

The Contenders watching Tribal like...

Jono asks Commando if he believes there's equal footing within his tribe, and he says, "Yes" with a poker face to rival actual poker player Jackie.

He tries to get him to elaborate, but it' like getting blood out of a (sexy) stone, 'cos all he's giving back is stoic nods and a blunt "yes."

Jonathan begins to tally the votes... and it's a tie between Brian, Shonee, and Tegan!!!

There's just one more vote to read out... AND IT'S FOR TEGAN!

BUT WAIT... As she gets up to leave Jonathan tells her to HOLD UP... 'Cos there's another twist!!!

Jono gets Sharn to read out the twist, and we feel like we're about to have a heart attack given all these shocking turn of events.

As it turns out, the Contenders can now vote to save Tegan and bring her over to their side... and Tegan is just like "PLS SAVE ME."


Heath tells Fenella "they're f***ed if they don't save her" -- but will the others listen??? They go off to vote... And it's four votes to send her home.

The tribe has spoken, Tegan's torch is snuffed, and off she goes.

Farewell Teags, you gave it a bloody good crack!!

Until next week!

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders Airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.