Australian Survivor 2018: We're Obsessed With Jackie's Rubik's Cubes

Is Jackie's little lie the best of the season?

This year, Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders has given us some great characters and some incredible moments so far already.

But one thing has got us just absolutely obsessed: Jackie's little white lie.

The Champion began her Survivor journey with a little trick up her sleeve -- she wasn't going to tell her fellow castaways what exactly made her a Champion. A World Series Poker player, Jackie knew that revealing her skills would make people suspicious of her.

Jackie decided the best way for her to fly under the radar was to tell the Champs that she's actually one of Australia's top female speedcubers. You know, those people that can solve Rubik's cubes in record time?

It's not the first time we've seen folks lie about their jobs on Survivor, and she's not the only one to tell fibs about herself on this season either. When Benji boy isn't quite literally ruining all our lives by eating nachos like a legitimate monster, he was telling the Contenders he's a graphic designer when the truth is he's actually something far more boring and vague!

There was also Henry's lie that he was a yoga instructor, despite the only yoga move him knowing was sitting cross legged.

But what has us obsessed with Jackie's Rubik's cube caper is that it's so bonkers and absolutely genius all at the same time.

Not only that, but the Queen is COMMITTED.

So deciding to go in with the speedcubing lie tucked neatly up her sleeve, Jackie was prepared with RUBIK'S CUBE-THEMED JEWELLERY.

The devil is in the details. Image: Network Ten.

There was also the ultimately brilliant moment where the Champions were treated to a beer and a pie following a reward challenge, and each of them had a photo on the wall.

Some of them were hugging family, Astrophysicist Samuel was doing science and Jackie? You better believe it:

Australian Survivor 2018: Can We Talk About Rubik's Cubes
Nothing suss!!! Image: Network Ten.

As each of the Champions told gorgeous stories about the memories of their particular photos -- like Shane winning gold at the Olympics or Mat talking about his family -- everyone held their breath waiting to hear what Jackie would say. AND THE SHOW CUT AWAY!

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Luckily, Jackie revealed on Twitter what she told the rest of the tribe saying, "Told them I had no idea where they got that pic from but def not a competition as I am concentrating too hard to smile during comps".

That wasn't the only close call the Rubik's cube queen had to dodge. Early on in the comp, Damian was asking Jackie a few casual questions about solving cubes, where she narrowly avoided being outed.

Then there were the gifts from home:

Honestly, part of the reason why we love the Rubik's cube lie so much is that it truly is a great idea. The amount of puzzles that pop up in challenges means Jackie can use her fake job to her advantage. While some people can profess being "good" at puzzles, Jackie can claim it's her job to solve them.

Sure, sure, she runs into trouble when she stumbles on puzzles but she's also then able to be frustrated that it just wasn't her type of puzzle! Specificity!

Whatever happens with the tribe shake-up, one thing is certain... we really want a Rubik's cube challenge.

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders Airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.

Featured image: Network Ten / Getty images.