Rove Gave Us The Scoop On His Return To Saturday Night TV

When asked to describe the show in five words, Rove said: "Me, without a safety net."

With Pilot Week in full swing, we caught up with Rove at the premiere party and asked him to tell us ~what the... ?~ his new show Bring Back... Saturday Night is all about.

"We're bringing entertainment back to Saturday night," Rove told ten daily.

Explaining that there are "two converging issues" -- being, the lack of entertainment on television, and the lack of anything to watch on Saturday night except for sport "or dramas on the ABC maybe", Rove said: "For flat out entertainment, it's just not there."

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"We're hoping to bring the entertainment show that everyone seems to be craving and put it on the night ... people feel is lacking the most," he continued.

The show will be shot in front of a live audience and will see Rove mixing in the formats of classic Saturday night entertainment like Hey, Hey It's Saturday with his own tried-and-true brand.

If you're wondering how this will differ from Rove Live back in the day, don't worry, we were wondering the same thing!

"Oh, it won't [differ], it'll just be me talking and mucking around," said Rove, before adding: "No, we've got plenty of new ideas, and new faces and new concepts. Overall, it's all the elements you would expect to have, and maybe even the faces you would expect to see on a show like this? But seeing them in a different way."

Bring Back... Saturday Night will premiere 7.30 Saturday 25 on TEN.

Feature image: Getty Images