The Bachelor 2018: I Love Vanessa Sunshine Even Though She Probably Hates Me

She hates everything (except brunch)!

What is there to say about Vanessa Sunshine?

A lot, actually!

From day one of this year’s season of The Bachelor, the 27-year-old legal secretary caused a major stir among contestants and fans alike as she swanned into the mansion introducing herself to every man and his dog with "Hi, I’m Vanessa Sunshine!”

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While we were wary at first, VS has fast become one of our faves -- an icon even -- due to her no bullsh*t attitude and her general apathy to anything and everything, and TBH we're truly #blessed to have her grace our screens this season.

To break it down for you, here are all the reasons why we stan queen Sunshine -- the one true icon of our generation.

Her name isn’t really even ‘Vanessa Sunshine’

Despite making sure that fellow contestants, and the rest of Australia, knew her name, turns out 'Sunshine' isn't her last name at all!  According to the Daily Mail, her real name is, in fact, Vanessa Bennet, which was discovered in a Facebook post she was tagged in back in 2013. But like, we love that. What a queen.

She served LEWKS in the photoshoot challenge

Being the third wheel is awkward for anyone, except for our queen, of course! While Brooke and Nick were busy giving lovey-dovey looks to one another, Vanessa was too busy serving looks and slaying while holding an axe. Love that!

She’s the queen of apathy

In the same way anyone growing up in the ‘90s loved the apathetic queen that was Daria, so too do we adore VS’s lack of enthusiasm for… well, anything. Honestly, who among you can say that you’ve never thrown down a sarcasm-laden “Awesome!!” when in a sh*tty mood?

She's got quotes for days

Whether she's dropping "awesome," "whatever" or her infamous "not thrilled", her short but (not so?) sweet one-liners actually give us life.

Those cheekbones!!

Seriously though, those cheekbones could cut glass. They’re fkn fabulous.

She legit won a challenge just to spite Cat

Who could forget the epic moment that Ms Sunshine was up against the mansion’s resident villain, Cat, in a quiz game where contestants had to smash the plate hearts of another contestant in order to win? Given Cat was out for Vanessa's blood, she came back twice as hard and won the challenge.

She DGAF when she lands a private date with the Bachie

While every other bachelorette has gone above and beyond in order to nail a date with Nick, Vanessa couldn't look more unimpressed when given private time with Honey Badger. She tells him she doesn't like dad jokes, then proceeds to explain the term 'brunch' to him ("It's a Melbourne thing").

(Sun)shine on, you crazy diamond!

The Bachelor Australia premieres Wednesday, 15 August At 7.30pm on TEN and tenplay.