Australian Survivor 2018: Buckets, Backstabbing & Breaking The Bromance

Spoilers inside... You know the drill.

Welcome back to another week of Survivor!

Tonight, we enter with a bang as Anita arrives at Exile Beach and immediately accuses Tegan of turning on her -- but it doesn’t take long for the girls to hash things out and discover that Benji was behind everything.

Tegan declares if she goes back to camp there’ll be “no more nice Tegan” and that she’ll be going back looking for revenge, and tbh we’re living for this new and improved vengeful Teigs.

It’s now time for Anita and Tegan to go head to head! In order to win a spot back in their tribe they’ll have to both build a block tower while defending it from rogue balls been thrown by the other contender. Honestly, it’s super stressful to watch because we imagine it’s about as frustrating as Jenga on steroids.

Tegan takes out the game, and she and Anita share a surprisingly touching moment in which Anita tells Tegan she needs to “do it for the mothers” and to “play smart”. Cute! We love some sisterhood bonding, don’t we guys?

Sisters are doin' it for themselves.

There’s no time to get emotional, because Tegan tears right into her fellow tribe members, and it’s truly iconic.

Tegan struts out to get water, and the camp turns into an instant hot mess, with the whole tribe blaming each other for Tegan getting voted out -- and the boys deny any responsibility -- which is literally a lie, since Benji orchestrated the whole thing and then bragged about it.

Benji says he thinks he’s “still in control”, and we’re just here salivating over the idea of Tegan taking him TF down and wiping that smug smile off his face.

Next up, it's the immunity challenge! And holy sh*t it looks complicated. There are buckets with holes, and mazes and a slide, so that’s fun, I guess.

Sliding into your DMs like

Also, can we all take a moment to appreciate Matty in rainbow speedos? Honestly, we stan.

It’s neck and neck throughout the challenge, but in the end, the Champs win immunity, sending the Contenders back to tribal council, which is what we lowkey hoped would happen solely for the savagery that’s about to come.

Tegan immediately reveals she wants to target Benji (duh) -- then, in a fabulously juicy turn of events, everyone starts outing each other and Tegan is taking no prisoners whatsoever.

Benji says “he didn’t make anything up” which itself is a lie -- and then accuses our new fave Heath of wanting to vote out the gal crew, and he hits back with a “don’t stand here and lie to my face, that’s bullshit”.

We love King Heath.

Benji’s web of lies has been exposed, and it looks like his plan to become king of the Contenders has been shattered, and we love it.

Benji runs off with Zach for a bitch session, in which he complains that “the dynamic sucks with Tegan here,” and darl, you’re just saying that because you got called out.

He knows he’s a target, so once again, Benji’s back on his bullsh*t and starts spreading more lies and rumours to Shonee, Fenella, and Paige and we’re just PRAYING that this time around they’ve wised up to his games and deception.

Benji says something about “dethroning the queen” again and we feel like lobbing our TV out the window.

Basically, Tegan wants Benji out, Benji wants Tegan out, and Shonee thinks the camp would be better without Zach, and seeing as Zach just remarked that “all the girls here suck” -- we couldn’t agree more with her idea.

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for -- the tribal council! And this time around you could cut the tension with a knife.

Benji continues to flat out lie about being the instigator of the plan that saw Tegan head to Exile, and Tegan continues to call him out on his lies. Teigs rattles Benji by asking “well then who created the plan?” and he basically just stutters without actually answering her question.

Never one to miss an opportunity to make a backhanded remark, Zach butts in with an opinion no one asked for, and our queen bites back with “I didn’t even speak to you mate”. He replies with “it's like the pot calling the kettle black” and we wonder if he actually knows the meaning behind that phrase???

Zach harps on saying “he’s one of the strongest in the tribe” and Tegan rightly points out that it’s not just physical strength that matters in this game.

Zach then tells Jonathan that the women in his tribe “aren’t as strong as the Champion ‘s women” and we’re LIVING for him digging his own grave in front of everyone. He literally keeps going on about his physical strength, and like a god damn boss, Fenella hits back with “well thanks for winning all the challenges for us Zach! BOOM!” and yassssss queen take him down!!!

It’s time to reveal who’s going home… and IT’S ZACH!!!

We legit want to throw a party because our faith in humanity has now been restored. In true Zach fashion, he leaves with a “get it lads” complete with a shakka and completely ignores the women.

This is what happens when you come for the gals, Zach.

Laters mate, it’s been enraging to watch you!

Until tomorrow, friends!

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.