Skit Happens: First Sketch Show In 12 Years Set To Kick Off Ten's Pilot Week

Sketch comedy is back and better than ever.

It’s TEN’s first sketch show in 12 years, and it’s about to come in with a bang and bring all the LOLs -- it's Skit Happens!

Premiering Sunday night, the sketch comedy show will be the first of several shows to debut during the network’s experimental new Pilot Week, with the Aussie audiences deciding which one will return to our screens with a full season next year.

Taking on everything from Married at First Sight to My Kitchen Rules,  the ensemble cast will star up-and-coming actors Vita Carbone, Heath Franklin, Jenna Owen, Neel Kolhatkar, Janis McGavin, Josh Glanc and Stuart Daulman.

Speaking about the idea to leave the final decision up to the audience, cast member Jenna Owen said: "I've been through the pitching process with my own pilots, so I've been in the waiting game on the other side as a writer but never as an actor before."

"It's a really great idea to put it in the hands of the public. What's TV for if not for the public? We're not answering to people in a boardroom but our Australian audiences. It's an extra motivation to care about the thing you're doing and what it's saying."

Catch Skit Happens Sunday night at 8 pm on TEN and tenplay.