Casey Donovan On Her Move From Singing To Acting

Multi-talented legends only!

She conquered singing in 2004 when she won Australian Idol. She conquered the literal jungle last year when she won I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, and now, Casey Donovan is back to conquer the acting world on Ten's Street Smart.

We sat down with Casey to talk about the move from singing to acting, working with Rob Shehadie and Tahir Bilgiç, and what's to come.

"The transition from singing to acting has been a fun one," she told us. "It's different, it's new, there's lots of new energies and new excitements and new adventures."

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Casey said that acting can be similar to singing a song you haven't written in that  "you're still emoting someone else's words and you're emoting a character, but you need to make them your own".

"You can have your nuances and your little things, but... what would your character do differently to you?" she explained. "It's that thing of stepping out of yourself and being able to put on different hats to become someone else, which is really, really fun."

Of working on Street Smart, Casey had nothing but praise for the show and its creators, Rob and Tahir, the team behind Fat Pizza and Housos before Street Smart.

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"Working with Rob and Tahir has been absolutely amazing," she said. "They're just great guys on set and they just make everything comfortable and happy."

Aside from the great working environment, Casey said it was the "natural laughs" that drew her to Street Smart for her television acting debut.

"The thing that drew me to Street Smart was reading the sides and going in for the audition and cracking up," she said. "The natural laughs... were really important, and they're very important to the show, because it's funny! It's so funny, it's just stupidly funny, it's a piss-take, and Rob and Tahir are just such great writers and creators that you just go 'yep', and you do it."

So what's next for Casey? Only time will tell, but if we at ten daily have anything to do with it, she'll be our next Bachelorette.

Street Smart airs tonight, Friday at 10pm, only on Ten and WIN networks. Miss an episode? Catch up now on tenplay!