The Bachelor 2018: What Do The Bachelorettes Think About Online Dating?

The single struggle is real.

We've met the 25 Bachelorettes vying for Nick 'Honey Badger's' Heart. And while we watch the single ladies stir up drama search for love, at least some of us will be at home on the couch, swiping left and right through potential boos on Tinder.

We asked some of our gals what made them apply for The Bachelor, and whether they think dating in 2018 is harder than it was for past generations.

Here's what they had to say.


Juliana (who left The Bachelor mansion last week) was actually scouted to apply for The Bachelor, and said despite thinking that it 'really wasn't her', that it could be a "cool experience".

"I’m not one to live with regrets so I kind of just thought, okay, worst case scenario I don’t have a huge amount of fun and I can walk off," she said.

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On dating in 2018, Juliana said that she's "never focused on dating" in the past due to her commitments to sport and competition.

"I’ve always been focused on my sport and competition has been my top priority so now that I’m in this early-30 age bracket, I’m backing down from the sport and I’m now hoping to pursue a relationship," she explained.

"I kind of don’t have a huge amount of experience, but I think we’re such a digital world at the moment that I feel like people think of each other as being almost disposable," she ventured. "You can move on, or ghost someone, and it’s an easy exit. Technology has made dating incredibly difficult, I think people have lost their all their sense of self worth and confidence."


Emily applied for the show because she wants to "find an incredible person to spend and share my life with".

"I just saw it as a really good opportunity to put myself out there and to learn more about myself and to hopefully find love!" she told us.

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On whether dating in 2018 is trickier, Emily replied, "I guess so, I can only speak for what I know of, but I guess".

"It can be very difficult," she said, noting that as well as social media, people's careers and expectations in relationships can also be factors.

Still, the dance teacher and Bachie hopeful remained positive, saying: "Although I haven’t ultimately found the one yet, I really enjoy dating and meeting new people and I think it can work! You’ll only know if you give it a go!


Sophie applied for the show because she was "struggling to meet new people" with her busy schedule, and she was "ready for something new and exciting".

"I was kind of in a bit of a rut and looking for a way out of it, and so the fact that I could potentially meet a partner while on a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime journey, I really had no reason not to apply," she said.

When asked if dating is harder now than in the past, Sophie said: "Well, I find that hard to answer because I wouldn’t know for past generations."

She continued: "I think that, if anything, it’s probably made easier with all this online dating stuff but that’s not really how I roll. I never really got into that so I find it more difficult because people are depending on that, and if that’s not really your style then maybe it is a little bit harder."


Ashlea applied for the show after a few of her friends prompted her to.

"I had just gotten out of a pretty serious relationship and they mentioned that I’d be really good on a reality TV show and I should give it a go," she shared.

"Living on the Gold Coast, the dating pool is not great, so it was a different way to go about meeting someone," she added.

Ashlea "most definitely" thinks dating is harder in 2018.

"I don’t think people these days really remember what dating used to be like," she said.

"It used to be you would talk to someone, you would go and have a nice dinner and get to know them, but now it’s all about apps, social media and Netflix and chill and I’m not about that."


Like Ashlea, Brittany's friends were the ones who encouraged her to apply for The Bachelor.

"I always said [I would apply] if I hit 30 and I’d travelled the world and I was still single, and that day came," she said. "I hit 30 and was very, very single, so I thought why not, I’ve got nothing to lose?"

Brittany said that she was "100%" sure that dating was harder in 2018. She told us that seeing "so many options" on Tinder and other apps led to people putting less effort into dating.

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"I think people put a lot less effort in, in real life, which is a shame, because I know a lot of women who would be jumping at the chance if someone came up to them on the street, gave them a compliment and asked them out, I think it would surprise the men how many women would be impressed by that," she said.


Cass applied for the show because she'd "been single for almost two years" and "just wanted to find that person".

"I was in a relationships for like six years, with two or three people and had different experiences and I had a good time being single, but I just got to that point where I was ready to find that person," she shared.

She wasn't really sure if dating was harder in 2018 or not.

"I guess so," she said. "There's social media now, and you meet people in heaps of different ways... it's definitely changed."


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