Australian Survivor 2018: Heath Reveals What Went Through His Mind Before He Played His Idol

Always. Split. The. Vote.

Usually when we catch up with survivors, it's because they've just had their torch extinguished, so it was a rare treat to chat to Heath after he pulled off one mighty move at Tuesday's Tribal Council.

Benji continued to establish himself as some kind of undercover puppeteer of the Contenders, after he successfully sent Tegan to exile beach on Monday, he set his sights on the gentle giant in an attempt to boot at least one of the unpredictable alliance.

What he didn't count on was the idol Heath had stashed in his bag.

"It was a shock," Heath told ten daily recounting his tribe's decision to unanimously vote for him, "I didn't realise the entire tribe was after me".

"It was the perfect time to play an idol but a shock at the same time."

While he wasn't entirely expecting the vote to go to him, Heath still played the idol in an effort to get Tegan back to the tribe.

"I knew I had the idol [if I was sent to exile beach] I'd only have a 50/50 chance of coming back to the game," he said. "The thought crossed my mind that I might not play it, but I was more leaning towards playing it because I had too much respect for Tegan. I didn't want to give her or myself that 50/50 shot."

Benji's hubris and the tribe's belief they could pull off a blindside meant they didn't split the vote, so Heath's single vote for Anita meant she'd be facing off against Tegan next week in a challenge that will see the winner returning to the competition.

Seeing the contenders react to Heath playing the idol wasn't just a pleasure for the audience at home either.

"It's really hard to see everyone's faces when you're sitting behind people at Tribal," Heath told us, "that's what did it for me watching it last night, seeing everyone's faces".

Things could have gone very differently for Heath when Zach went on his own idol hunt, kicking the sand exactly where one was buried.

"It was stressful finding the clue, it was stressful watching Zach almost finding it by mistake and it was stressful playing it at tribal too," Heath said.

"I knew Zach was looking for an idol, and he was kicking around right on top of it, I'm not sure how he didn't find it..."

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.