The Bachelor 2018: Who Is Nick Cummins Anyway?

Fun facts about this season's Bachie.

We're knee deep in this season of The Bachelor, but you might be asking yourself... just who is Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins?

Well look, you've clicked over to the 'Entertainment' tab so we just need to let you know that the "sports" (whatever that is) facts in this story will be... light. One time in high school a friend complimented us because we could whistle while playing badminton. That's as sporty as we get okay?

So here goes.

Born in Port Macquarie, NSW, the 30-year-old  was raised in Logan, Queensland where he was one of eight kids.

A Rugby Union star, Nick's played for the Wallabies for 15 test matches, and also played in the 2010 Commonwealth Games Sevens tournament where Australia won silver!

His usual position is a wing, a delicious part of a chicken.

He became a bit of a household name following his incredible post-game interviews where he'd bust out some of his now trademark Badger-isms like "Off like a bride's nightie" or "busier than a one-legged man in a bum-kicking contest".

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Despite being a true-blue Aussie bloke, in 2014 it was announced Nick would be stepping out of his Wallabies contract on compassionate grounds and playing for the Japanese Coca Cola West Red Sparks club.

The move was a shocker, but Nick made the tough decision when his dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The Japanese club offered the Honey Badger money that would allow him to not only assist in taking care of his dad, but also two of his siblings who have cystic fibrosis.

At the time he said, "My time in Japan will hopefully provide me with the opportunity to give back to and provide some certainty for my family during this difficult time".

His particular brand of one-liners and down-to-Earth Aussie-isms meant that he was the face of Tradie undies, he fronted a Tourism Australia campaign and did ads for Head & Shoulders and Iron Jack.

Oh also his go-to karaoke song is Ronan Keating so... that's a thing.

As for how he got his legendary nickname?

"Mate, I watched a lot of Animal Planet on TV and just saw the honey badger," Nick explained, adding, "I was fascinated by its aggression and never say die [attitude]. One of the stories that inspires me is that it's documented that a honey badger killed a male lion in a one-on-one".

"He clawed the canastas off the big fella. The big one-two. That to me is outstanding."

Outstanding indeed.

The Bachelor TL;DR - Ep. 1
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