Australian Survivor 2018: Sandbags And Sneaky Plays

~Spoilers ahead~

ICYMI; In last night’s episode of Gilligan's Island Survivor: Champions V Contenders, basically, we were ALL blindsided after Jonathon dropped the bombshell that rather than being eliminated, newly-evicted Tegan would instead be heading to Exile Beach.

Kicking off tonight’s episode, we see Tegan in her new digs -- and she is NOT happy about it. We don’t blame her -- being alone with no one to talk to on a random beach is enough to send anyone batsh*t crazy tbh.

Over in the Champs camp, they’re in FULL Castaway mode. Lydia is casually flicking fish out of the ocean for food, and Commando is burning off Mat’s holiday beard to make up for their lack of razors.

Island beauty regimes.

Over at the Contenders area, it’s a much more salty atmosphere. Heath is PISSED that the boys pulled a fast one on him and voted off his island BFF.

Knowing his tribe have a penchant for being shifty AF and throwing each other under the proverbial bus, Heath feels that he’s next on the chopping block -- which could see him have to face off against his only ally in order to stay in the competition.

He has a secret weapon, however -- the immunity idol he found last night!

Meanwhile, Benji is mighty chuffed with himself, saying that the tribe voting out Tegan was aaaaall because of him. He again harps on about stealing thrones and ruling kingdoms, and that’s literally all we’ve heard him talk about since he started speaking last episode.

Reward challenge time! And tonight’s prize is a personalised package for each contestant, sent all the way from home. Of course, everybody cries hearing this.

Today's challenge involves running in the water carrying heavy bags, and if it’s anything like those games we had to do in Nippers, it’s exhausting AF. Like, we’re out of breath just watching this.

Paige becomes so exhausted that she breaks down crying, and the Champions again take out the competition.

Grab the tissues, ‘cos back at the Champs camp things are getting ~emotional~ as they open their gifts from home. Brian breaks down after seeing a photo of his family and his sick mum, and sorry but who TF is cutting onions in here???

If you weren’t crying before, you absolutely would be after Mat opens his gift, where he reveals that he lost his mum and dad young; his mum from breast cancer and his dad from taking his own life after battling depression.

Sam continues to be as sweet as ever, proudly showing everyone a picture of his cat.

Commando also sheds a few tears after reading letters from his kids, and tbh SAME.

But now it’s time to suck it up for the next immunity challenge!

It’s another hellish endurance test involving each team holding a 7 kg sand bag above their head for as long as possible, and our arms honestly hurt just thinking about it. Oh yeah -- if they drop a bag, it’ll soak their entire tribe, just like one of those carnival games.

Anita’s the first to give up, palming off her sand bag to the super-fit Robbie. Followed by Jackie, Shonee and Mon.

yasss boy work it

The remaining competitors begin to struggle, and eventually it’s all too much for Robbie, who drops the bag and soaks his tribe, leading to another win for our Champs.

Back to the Contenders, and Heath is hoping to sway the group vote towards Anita, who was the weakest in pretty much every challenge. He knows there’s a chance that they’ll vote for him but that just means he can play that sweet, sweet immunity idol.

Benji thinks he’s some sort of puppet master, and throws down more rants about kings, queens and taking the throne, and like, we got it the first 20 times…

Tribal council time! And we can tell that Heath is just ITCHING to throw down the almighty idol.

Ohhhh and does he ever!!!!

He drops a fabulous “ooh, somethings weighing my bag down” and BOOM! Honestly, every single person's reaction is giving us life til next century -- but mostly Heath’s, ‘cos he just single-handedly PLAYED. THEM. ALL.

gasp shock horror!

With all votes except one going to Heath, it could have meant he would be facing of against Tegan, but NOPE! With all votes against him effectively thrown out, it’s Anita who must face off with Teags to stay in the game.

We love a bit of juicy justice!

Until next week, friends.

Check out the video above, and tune into Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders 7:30 on Ten and WIN networks. Missed an episode? Catch up on Tenplay!