The Bachelor 2018: What Were The Girls' First Impressions Of Nick?

"I remember looking through the trees and seeing this big glimmering mop of golden hair and it was just like a lighthouse beacon pointing the way."

With the new season of The Bachelor mere days away, we spoke to a few of the Bachelorettes about what was going through their minds' in the first moments after stepping out of the limo and into the light of Nick Cummins' golden hair.

Here's what they had to say:

Juliana: He’s quite tall and big so I was a little bit intimidated! I got quite nervous, actually, but he seemed friendly enough.

It was such a fast kind of thing, I guess we were all so nervous at the point where we met, it was a bit of a blur, but he just seemed nice.

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Emily: It’s so mindblowing thinking back to that moment. It was overwhelming and extremely exciting. When I saw him and his face and his kind eyes and big hair, he was tall and gorgeous and I was just really overwhelmed, and definitely a little bit nervous.

I thought I was going to be a lot cooler than I was, but after speaking to him and getting to know him a little bit, it was just a really great start to wanting to find out more about him.

Sophie: I had no idea who Nick was, I didn’t know what he was about or what he did, because I don’t follow any kind of football. 

We were very much two strangers judging one another on first impressions. I think he gave me a real sense of warmth. When I’m nervous it just takes over my whole entire body, but he was quick to calm me down, and to allow me to get my introduction off my chest.

It was nothing but good vibes and that was enough for me to pursue my journey ahead of me.

Ashlea: I had absolutely no idea who this guy was. Just before we got to our location, there had been a rumour that had been leaked a little earlier, so there was a discussion around him as a potential, and I was asking questions: ‘who is this guy? What do you mean he’s a rugby player? I’ve never heard of him before!’

Walking down to meet him, and seeing this curly haired boy with his big moustache, it was actually a bit more reassuring that he wasn’t that kind of -- I don’t know -- he just looked a little bit more genuine. It was nice, but it was definitely nerve-wracking.  

Alisha: I was honestly very excited that it was Nick.

I think [choosing Nick] is a really refreshing path for the franchise to go down. In terms of my dating history, Nick is probably... not the sort of guy that I  would go for, mostly.

I haven’t really had much experience dating these really like, buff hot sportsmen, but what I did relate to was that he was very genuine and warm, and I really sort of loved his ocker Aussie-ness, he reminded me of my family and I thought ‘I’m so excited to get to know him’.

Brittany: I was quite nervous, I was excited, because it is a big deal and this person you’re about to meet could be the one for you.

So you’re thinking 'let’s not fall over', and when I got out, I remember looking through the trees and seeing this big glimmering mop of golden hair and it was just like a lighthouse beacon pointing the way. I was like ‘I’ll just follow that hair’.

When I first saw him, I thought ‘who on earth is this, I’ve never seen him before in my life,’ I had no idea who he was but he just had this huge smile on his face and after about one minute he had this amazing warm energy, that was the first thing I noticed about him, he makes you feel really comfortable and at ease.


The Bachelor premieres on Wednesday, August 15 at 7:30pm, only on Ten and WIN networks.

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