The Bachelor 2018: We Asked Cass About Her History With Nick

"I was like, 'holy shit, I know who that is!'"

Being one of the Bachelorettes is a nerve-wracking experience. You're moving into a mansion with 24 other women, and you're all going to compete for the affections of a stranger... unless you're Cass, who'd met our Honey Badg-elor before!

In a Bachie first, 23-year-old Cass -- a former Miss World Contestant -- revealed that she'd actually already met Nick, mentioning in the promo that she and Nick "have socialised in the past together".

When asked by producers whether there had been any romance between the two of them in the past, she stayed coy, pausing for a beat before replying: "Let's just see what he has to say!"

We chatted to Cass about her Bachelor journey, and obvs, we had to ask her what was going through her mind when she saw that she would be trying to win the affections of Nick Cummins.

"Well, to be honest, before I went in, I told the producers ‘don’t put me on the show if you don’t think I’m gonna match up with this guy’," she shared with ten daily.

Noting that her "biggest fear going into the house was finding out who he was", she told producers at the time that she wanted to be a "110 percent perfect match for this person".

"If it wasn’t someone who I could see myself being with then I didn’t wanna be there," she explained.

She told us that as soon as she saw his hair, she "was like, 'holy shit, I know who that is!'" calling the moment "crazy".

"I had no idea it was gonna be him and I think it just made it the best thing ever because it was someone I could 110 percent be myself with, so I was really really happy," she said.

Although Cass said that the pair shared a "strong connection" stemming from their "little bit of past history", she wasn't sure if it would work in her favour or not.

"It could’ve been an advantage, but at the same time on that first night I was like ‘he’s dating 24 other girls here and he knows me, so it could be a disadvantage’," she explained.

Still, she said it was "a comfort" to have already met our Bachie before filming began, not only because they "got along very well on the outside world", but also because they were in a "very weird -- a different environment" together.

"It was good we had each other to go through it with," she said.

For now, Cass is back at uni to finish her accounting degree, but she described her Bachelor journey as "good" and is happy that she was able to "stay [herself] the whole way".The Bachelor premieres on Wednesday, August 15 at 7:30pm, only on Ten and WIN networks.


Feature image: Ten