The Bachelor 2018: Juliana Reveals Her Weirdest Habit

Honestly you probably won't guess this one.

Bondi Rescue's Juliana is back on our screens again, but we'll be seeing her in a whole new light when she enters the candlelit Bachelor mansion on Tuesday.

Describing her Bachie journey as "really not me", she told ten daily that she was "scouted to do it" but applied when she figured "it could be a cool opportunity".

"I’m not one to live with regrets," she said, "so I kind of just thought, okay, worst case scenario I don’t have a huge amount of fun and I can walk off."

Describing herself as "incredibly authentic and pretty chilled out", she said that her authenticity gives her the confidence to "just put it all out there".

"I honestly don’t care how weird my habits are," she said.

And we gotta say, one of her habits is pretty weird.

"Obviously my hair is pretty long and knotty all the time, so I only brush it when I wash it in the shower," she began, explaining that she gets "massive hairballs" in her brush.

Relatable, right? What came next was a twist we personally didn't see coming.

"I’m super aware that hair is really nutrient dense, and so if you put it on the dirt underneath a rose bush, the roses really thrive, so my whole life, I’d always save my hairballs and stick them on the wall of the shower until they dried and then I’d go put them under the rose bush.

I’m still doing that now… but I live in an apartment, and I don’t own a rose bush. I just keep sticking my hairballs on the wall! [laughs]. My poor housemates.

But is hair a good fertiliser? We Googled it for you, and the answer, according to Live Science, is 'kind of'.

Studies ... [show] that human hair discarded from barbershops and hair salons can also be a nutrient source for plants when combined with other compost materials. But it had not yet been proven that hair could act alone as an effective fertiliser.

Researchers suspect that some of the difference between hair and the inorganic fertilisers is due to the time it takes for hair to degrade and release its nutrients. So hair shouldn't be used as a sole fertiliser, at least for fast-growing plants, they concluded.


The Bachelor premieres on Wednesday, August 15 at 7:30pm, only on Ten and WIN networks.

Feature image: Ten