Australian Survivor 2018: Don't Underestimate Shane Gould

Is Shane playing a long game? We look at the facts.

On Thursday's episode of Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders it appeared the Champions wanted to give Moana a hero's farewell, not letting her "quit" due to illness, but leaving due to the vote.

They also used it to flush out Shane Gould's idol, an idol that was found in one of the most ridiculously gorgeous but unfortunately obvious manner.

While it might be easy to write Shane off as the quirky character on the Champion side... we took a little dive, and we think she might one to watch.

If you've been watching, you might have picked up that Shane won three individual gold medals at a single Olympic when she was only 15-years-old, a feat that had never been achieved by an Aussie before. She also picked up a silver and a bronze medal to add to the collection.

If that wasn't enough, Shane also broke every freestyle world record from 100 to 1500 metres.

Image: Getty images.

At such a young age she could have had an incredible Olympic career but within a year she retired saying, "Basically... it just wasn't fun any more".

So, she has sporting history in the bag, but she also has the ability to live in the slightly tough conditions of Survivor. Soon after the Olympics in 1972, Shane married and moved out onto a farm near Margaret River.

For seven years, Shane raised her children on the farm without electricity. She's also an avid camper who completed a 13-day trek with a horse drawn cart in the late '80s, and she's travelled extensively.

So that's roughing it checked. But the third big check mark Shane has that might surprise you... she did her homework.

After she was approached to join the Champions, Shane checked out the last season of Australian Survivor and as she described it, it looked like an "interesting social experiment to be involved with AND a difficult test of my survival skills".

So she went back and watched both seasons a lot closer. Despite playing things close to her chest (except for her idol, that is) Shane's got a keen understanding of how the game works, and she's there to try it all.

Oh, and if you were hung up on her age, it turns out Shane ain't concerned about that at all.

"I am not an old granny, mothering person which could typecast me," Shane said.

"I am not that sort of ‘older person’ -- my age is a strength."

That just leaves one thing...

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.